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New publications:

Biomedicine in the Twentieth Century: Practices, Policies, and Politics, edited by Caroline Hannaway. A book presenting new scholarship on the history of the NIH and the history of biomedicine, and honoring the career and accomplishments of the Office’s founding director, Dr. Victoria A. Harden.

Cancer in the Twentieth Century, (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008), edited by David Cantor, Ph.D., Deputy Director, Office of NIH History.

On both sides of the Atlantic, cancer control programs emerged in the early twentieth century; most were focused on early detection and treatment. Yet, those initiatives took very different forms in different countries. Focusing on the United States and Britain, this volume features works on subjects such as the portrayal of cancer in the movies, feminist surgeons, risk factors for breast cancer, and the emergence of clinical trials.

A Life Worth Living: A Doctor’s Reflections on Illness in a High-tech Era (New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2008), Robert Martensen, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Office of NIH History.

Intended for general readers confronting tough questions about how to navigate serious illness, this book of eight linked tales draws on Martensen’s experiences of caring for approximately 75,000 patients as an emergency physician.


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