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Synthetic Macrolides Inhibit Breast Cancer Migration

This technology relates to the synthesis of several novel macrocylic compounds (macrolides), built upon a quinic acid-containing scaffold, which are potent inhibitors of tumor cell migration. Specifically, the new molecules have been shown to inhibit breast cancer cell migration in vitro.  More...

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Eleven OTT Staff Members Receive Technology Transfer Instructional Awards

The Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences (FAES) has given "2008 Team Teaching Awards" to Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) staff members Sue Ano, Mojdeh Bahar, Steven Ferguson, Bruce Goldstein, George Keller, Ajoy Prabhu, Uri Reichman, Richard Rodriguez, Mark Rohrbaugh, David Sadowski and Jeff Walenta for volunteering their time to organize and conduct evening training programs in technology transfer during FY’08 for the local community. The courses were conducted through the FAES Graduate School at NIH as part of its new educational "Certificate in Technology Transfer Program". As a result of these efforts, more than 100 persons received various semester-long training courses in technology transfer . Many individuals who have received such training have been hired into the field by NIH, other government agencies, as well as university or corporate programs in biomedical technology transfer. Further details about the Certificate in Technology Transfer Program and upcoming technology transfer course offerings at NIH facilities can be found through the FAES Graduate School. The FAES is an independent foundation at NIH organized to foster scientific research and education by facilitating communication among scientists and by sponsoring formal instruction in the sciences and related educational activities.


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