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2008 Usability Updates newsletters

Issue Date

Topics Covered

April 2008

Creating Usable Online Forms

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2007 Usability Updates newsletters

Issue Date

Topics Covered

May 2007

Should All Links be Underlined? - Web page links are the primary means by which users navigate Web sites.

March 2007

Creating Usable Domain Names - Characteristics and strategies to help you create memorable and useful domain names.

January 2007

User Testing Aids Selection of Web Applications - In selecting a Web application, HHS knew ease of use would be important.

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2006 Usability Updates newsletters

Issue Date

Topics Covered

December 2006

Web Site Credibility - How do you optimize the credibility of your Web sites?

November 2006

Breadcrumb Navigation - Do breadcrumbs improve user understanding and performance?

September 2006

Determining the Correct Number of Usability Test Participants - This article discusses a formula to estimate the number of participants needed.

August 2006

Reading Onscreen: The Effects of Line Length on Performance - How long should line lengths be to read on computer screens?

May 2006

Usability Labs: Portable Versus Fixed - The benefits of using a portable versus fixed lab.

April 2006

Navigation: Left is Best - Navigational structures that elicit the fastest performance.

March 2006

Getting the Complete Picture with Usability Testing - To succeed with usability testing, measure effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction.

February 2006

Consider as Many Design Alternatives as Possible: The Value of Parallel Design - Parallel design helps you to develop and evaluate different ideas before settling on a single approach.

January 2006

Usability Statements of Work - Four sample statements of work that you can use.

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2005 Usability Updates newsletters

Issue Date

Topics Covered

December 2005

Recruiting User Testing Participants - There are four main steps to recruit participants for usability studies.

November 2005

Age-Related Research-Based Usability Guidelines - The effects of aging on a person's ability to interact with Web-based systems.

October 2005

Judging the Severity of Usability Issues on Web Sites: This Doesn't Work - Even highly experienced usability professionals disagree when ranking usability issues.

September 2005

Segmenting Your Audiences - You can use personas to define your audiences and their goals.

August 2005

Four Basic Activities to Reach Optimal Usability - What is the best research-based approach for designing usable and useful computer-based systems?

July 2005

The Value of Iterative Design - The more "test, make changes, retest" cycles, the better your system's usability will be.

June 2005

Paper Prototypes Work as Well as Software Prototypes - Is a high-fidelity prototype necessary to have a meaningful usability test?

March 2005

Users Are Not Good Designers - For a more accurate set of user requirements, have your users involved in the design and development of a new system.

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