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Welcome to the NIH's Bioethics Resources on the Web! The Internet is replete with resources available to those with an interest in bioethics including education, research involving human participants and animals, medical and health care ethics, and the implications of applied genetics and biotechnology. This website contains a broad collage of annotated web links, and while this list is comprehensive, it is not totally inclusive. The listed resources provide background information and various positions on issues in bioethics. Where possible, we have linked directly to those positions. Click here for more information on this site.

Bioethics and the NIH

Offices and Programs
Research Resources
Educational Opportunities

Documents and Publications

Training Opportunities at the NIH

Funding for Bioethics Research

General Resources

Academic Centers and Education
Tutorials, Case Studies
Bioethics in the News
Research Starting Points
Bioethics Journals
Health Law
Careers in Bioethics
Upcoming Events in Bioethics

Organizations of Interest

Genetics Resources on the Web 
International Organizations

Professional Bioethics Organizations


Other Federal Resources

Federal Register, Publications and Regulations
Agencies, Committees, and Offices

Specific Topics

Research Ethics
Human Subjects Research / IRBs
Responsible Conduct of Research
International Issues
Conflict of Interest
Use of Human Tissue
Stem Cell Research
Laboratory Animal Care and Use

Gene Patenting
Genetic Testing / Counseling
Gene Therapy / Gene Transfer

Medicine and Health Care
Biotechnology / Pharmacogenetics/Personalized Medicine
Ethics and Clinical Trials
Culture, Diversity & Health Disparities
Public Health Ethics
End-of-Life / Palliative Care

This page is sponsored by the NIH Office of Science Policy(OSP) and the NIH Inter-Institute Bioethics Interest Group in cooperation with the NIH Office of Extramural Research (OER). Your comments and recommendations for additional resources and linkages are most welcome! Please send your suggestions to Miriam F. Kelty.

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