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AFC 1991/029

Library of Congress
American Folklife Center
March 1996


The Maine Acadian Cultural Survey Project Collection consists of audio- and video-recordings, photographs, manuscript materials, publications, ephemera, and accompanying documentation related to the American Folklife Center's 1991 Maine Acadian Cultural Survey. In cooperation with the North Atlantic Regional Office of the National Park Service, the Center conducted an eight-week field research project to document folklife in the Upper Saint John River Valley. The project yielded a collection of 8.5 linear feet of materials. Reference copies of some audio and video tapes are available. Five researchers conducted the fieldwork, interviewing residents of the area and documenting aspects of traditional culture in context. The field data of the project were used as the basis for a 199-page report, _The Maine Acadian Cultural Survey_, that concerns, in part, recommendations for the development of a Maine Acadian Cultural Center.

Access and Reproduction: Listening and viewing access to the collection is unrestricted. Duplication of the recorded materials may be governed by copyright and other restrictions.

Key Subjects: Acadia National Park (Me.); Acadians; Acadians-- New Brunswick; Acadians--Nova Scotia; Acadians in literature; agroforestry; architecture, domestic-Maine; Cajun French dialect; carpentry; Catholic teachers; colonization; cookery, American; ethnicity; festivals--United States; folk songs; Fundy, Bay of; lumber; manners and customs; oral history; oral tradition; Prince Edward Island; reunion--history; Saint John River Valley; sawmill workers; smuggling; step dance; storytelling; textile industry; traditional farming--United States; traditional music and dance; United States -- Boundaries -- Canada; waltz; weaving.

Physical Description:               Location Numbers:

Print Materials

102    folders
157    ephemera

Audio Recordings

7      7-inch reels                 MAP-DW-R001 to MAP-DW-R007
32     audiocassettes               MAP-RB-A001 to MAP-RB-A016, 
                                    MAP-RB-A017, MAP-LO-A001 to 
                                    MAP-LO-A014, MAP-DW-A001

Graphic Materials

2,700 negative images               MAP-RB-B001 to MAP-RB-B005
97     contact sheets               MAP-HM-B001 to MAP-HM-B021
80     prints                       MAP-LO-B001 to MAP-LO-B003
                                    MAP-DW-B001 to MAP-DW-B069

2,381 color slides                  MAP-RB-C001-1 to MAP-RB-C012-20; 
                                    MAP-HM-C001-1 to MAP-HM-C021-5; 
                                    MAP-LO-C001-1 to MAP-LO-C004-8; 
                                    MAP-DW-C001-1 to MAP-DW-C085-11 

Moving Images

6      videocassettes 
(incl. 1 dup.)                      MAP-LO-V001 to MAP-LO-V005


                                   SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTE

The Maine Acadian Cultural Survey Project was conducted in 1991
as a joint project of the American Folklife Center and the North
Atlantic Regional Office of the National Park Service.  In 1990
the U.S. Congress passed the Maine Acadian Culture Preservation
Act (P.L.101-543), mandating that a study of Acadian culture in
Maine be conducted for the purpose of providing data to be used
in planning an Acadian Cultural Center in Maine.  As a result of
this act, the Park Service invited the Center to join them in
undertaking such a study.  The Maine Acadian Cultural Survey
Project is the fifth major collaborative project between the Park
Service and the Center, and the design and execution of the
project were largely based on knowledge gained through earlier

Under the terms of the cooperative agreement between the Park
Service and the Center, the Center developed and administered a
study of Acadian culture in Maine, produced a draft report with
findings of the study and recommendations for future research and
cultural programming, and provided the Park Service with a
reference copy of the field data.

Eight weeks of field research in the St. John Valley yielded an
ethnographic collection consisting of 5,081 photographic images,
3,600 pages of print materials, fieldnotes, manuscripts and
catalogs, 42 computer discs, 40 hours of audio recordings, 50
pages of sketches, and an assortment of ephemeral material. 
These data were used to compile a 199-page report, titled _The
Maine Acadian Cultural Survey_, that was sumbitted to the
National Park Service.  The report contains the findings of the
survey of Acadian culture in Maine as well as recommendations for
the development of a Maine Acadian Cultural Center.  Following a
review by National Park Service officials, the report will be
published by the Park Service and submitted to Congress.  It is
expected that the report will be used as a planning document by
the Maine Acadian Culture Preservation Commission.

The ethnographic collection of the project has been added to the
Archive of Folk Culture, Library of Congress.  A reference copy
of the collection was donated to the Archive acadiennes at the
University of Maine at Fort Kent, where it is readily available
to the residents of the study area.

The project also proved to be a successful vehicle for creating
or strengthening ties between the Center and cultural agencies
and individual researchers in Maine.  Project personnel worked
closely with the Archives acadiennes, the Maine Arts Commission,
the Maine Historic Preservation Commission, the Northeast
Archives of Folklore and Oral History, and the University of
Maine at Fort Kent.  In addition, researchers had considerable
contact with a large number of local historical societies and
other cultural organizations based in the study area.

                                MAINE ACADIAN CULTURAL SURVEY
                                        AFC: 1991/029


                     by David A. Taylor, Kathryn D. Ellis, and Nora Yeh

                                 SERIES I:  PRINT MATERIALS


Number     Description


1          Collection Inventory.  8 pp.

2          Cooperative Agreement:  agreement between American
           Folklife Center and National Park Service.  Draft of
           agreement and signed final agreement, with related
           correspondence.  27 pp.

3          Maine Acadian Culture Preservation Commission.  Various
           documents.  52 pp.

4          P.L. 101-543, The Maine Acadian Culture Preservation Act: 
           drafts of the act; testimony for and against; legislative
           history.  186 pp. and two copies of enacted bill.


5          Acadian scholars:  potential contacts.  Prepared by David
           Taylor.  13 pp.

6          American Folklife Center Board of Trustees:  May 7, 1991,
           memo from David Taylor about survey of Acadian cultural
           resources in Maine.  2 pp.

7          Ancelet, Barry Jean (University of Southwestern
           Louisiana):  January 29, 1991, letter from David Taylor. 
           1 p.

8          Belous, Robert (National Park Service):  January 30,
           1991, letter from David Taylor.  1 p.

9          Bibliographies concerning Acadians in North America.  75

10         Biographical Data Form.  Blank copies.  3 pp.

11         Brassieur, C. Ray (University of Missouri):  letters to
           and from; publications.  22 pp. and two publications.

12         Budget and timetable for field survey.  34 pp.

13         Calendar of Annual Events in the Upper Saint John Valley. 
           Compiled by Lisa Ornstein and Julie Bayley.  36 pp.

14         Certificate of appreciation:  blank copies of certificate
           sent to project informants.  12 pp.

15         Consent forms:  master copies of three types.  3 pp.

16         Consent forms:  forms signed by informants.  33 pp.

17         Contacts:  list of individuals and institutions with
           information about Acadians in Maine.  Compiled by Camila
           Bryce-Laporte.  8 pp.

18         Correspondence, miscellaneous.  11 pp.

19         Documentation guide for project fieldworkers.  Prepared
           by David Taylor.  42 pp.

20         Dubay, Guy (Madawaska, Maine):  letter from David Taylor. 
           1 p.

21         Dumont, Richard (University of Maine at Fort Kent): 
           letters from Alan Jabbour.  2 pp.

22         Equipment:  list of documentation equipment used during
           field survey.  3 pp.

23         Expenses:  preliminary accounting of expenses.  Invoices,
           purchase orders, and other documents.  133 pp. 

24         Final Evaluation:  assessment of the Maine Acadian
           Cultural Survey Project, by David Taylor.  Report and
           executive summary for AFC Board of Trustees.  28 pp.

25         Hand-outs:  hand-outs, in French and English, about the
           field survey.  14 pp.

26         Hart, Judy (National Park Service):  letters from David
           Taylor.  2 pp.

27         Human Resources List:  contacts in the St. John Valley,
           arranged by categories.  Prepared by Lisa Ornstein.  14

28         Income:  documents concerning transfer of funds from the
           National Park Service to the Library of Congress.  3 pp.

29         Informants, letters from:  letters from project
           informants to David Taylor.  8 pp.

30         Informants, letters to:  thank you letters to informants
           from David Taylor.  94 pp.

31         Ives, Edward D. 2 pp.

32         Jabbour, Alan:  memos from David Taylor; letter to Bruce
           Jacobson; letter from Bruce Jacobson.  32 pp.

33         Jacobson, Bruce (National Park Service):  letters to and
           from Bruce Jacobson.  66 pp.

34         Kominski, John (Library of Congress):  memos and other
           documents from Alan Jabbour concerning cooperative
           agreement with NPS.  7 pp.

35         LeBlanc, Bernard (University of Moncton):  letters from
           David Taylor; letters to David Taylor; other documents. 
           35 pp.

36         Mailing list:  project mailing list.  9 pp.

37         Maine Arts Commission:  letters to Maine Arts Commission
           from David Taylor; documents from the Commission
           concerning Acadians in Maine.  5 pp. and booklet.

38         Map of Upper St. John Valley.  Prepared by National Park
           Service.  5 copies.

39         Marshall, Howard (University of Missouri):  letters to
           and from; other documents.  43 pp. and newsletter.

40         Martin, John L. (Maine House of Representatives): 
           letters to and from.  19 pp.

41         Master Contact List, arranged in alphabetical order. 
           Prepared by Lisa Ornstein.  27 pp.

42         Missouri, University of:  draft of contract with American
           Folklife Center.  8 pp.

43         Mitchell, George (Senator):  letter from Juris Ubans;
           letters to Steve Hart (Mitchell's legislative assistant)
           from David Taylor.  6 pp.

44         Ornstein, Lisa (Acadian Archives):  letters to and from;
           other documents.  75 pp.

45         Peskin, Sarah (National Park Service):  letters to and
           from.  39 pp.

46         Potential informants in the Upper St. John Valley.  26

47         Publicity:  press releases and articles about the survey
           project.  45 pp. and five copies of _Folklife Center

48         Resource guide:  memo, by Camila Bryce-Laporte,
           concerning the contents of a resource guide she prepared
           for project fieldworkers; table of contents for resource
           guide.  9 pp.

49         Slide show:  text of slide-illustrated program about the
           Acadian Cultural Survey.  Prepared by David Taylor.  23

50         Trip reports:  reports on trips to the Upper St. John
           Valley, Augusta, and Boston, by David Taylor.  26 pp.

51         University of Maine at Fort Kent, meeting on June 5,
           1991, backgrounds of participants.  Prepared by Lisa
           Ornstein.  3 pp.

52         Whitman, David.  6 pp.


Audiotapes and Audiocassettes

53         Audio tape inventory:  annotated list of field tapes
           recorded during the survey.  Prepared by Camila Bryce-
           Laporte.  6 pp.

54         Audio tape logs, by Ray Brassieur.  MAP-RB-A001 through
           MAP-RB-A016.  76 pp.

55         Audio tape logs, by Lisa Ornstein.  MAP-LO-A001 through
           MAP-LO-A014.  84 pp.

56         Audio tape logs, by David Whitman.  MAP-DW-R001 through
           MAP-DW-R007.  14 pp.; MAP-DW-A001. 3pp.

Biographical Data Forms

57         Biographical Data Forms:  completed forms.  19 pp.

Fieldnotes and Drawings

58         Field drawings, by Ray Brassieur:  copies of drawings,
           mainly of furniture and architectural features.  37 pp.

59         Field drawings, by Howard Marshall:  copies of drawings
           of architectural features.  30 pp.

60         Fieldnotes, by Ray Brassieur.  72 pp.

61         Fieldnotes, by Howard Marshall.  101 pp.

62         Fieldnotes, by Lisa Ornstein.  35 pp.

63         Fieldnotes, by David Whitman.  43 pp.


64         Black-and-white photo logs, Ray Brassieur.  MAP-RB-B001
           through MAP-RB-B005.  6 pp.

65         Black-and-white photo logs, Howard Marshall.  MAP-HM-B001
           through MAP-HM-B021.  25 pp.

66         Black-and-white photo logs, Lisa Ornstein.  MAP-LO-B001
           through MAP-LO-B002.  5 pp. (Missing log for MAP-LO-B003;
           may not exist).

67         Black-and-white photo logs, David Whitman.  MAP-DW-B001
           through MAP-DW-B069.  104 pp. (Photos MAP-DW-B060 through
           MAP-DW-B069 exist as only positives; negatives are

68         Contact sheets, duplicates.  3 duplicate contact sheets.

Color Slides 

69         Color-slide logs, Ray Brassieur.  MAP-RB-C001 through
           MAP-RB-C012.  13 pp.

70         Color-slide logs, Howard Marshall.  MAP-HM-C001 through
           MAP-C021.  22 pp.

71         Color-slide logs, Lisa Ornstein.  MAP-LO-C001 through
           MAP-LO-C002.  2 pp.

72         Color-slide logs, David Whitman,  MAP-DW-C001 through
           MAP-DW-C085.  109 pp.

Resource Survey

73         Resource survey:  questionnaire survey of cultural
           institutions with holdings pertaining to Acadian history
           and culture.  Compiled by Camila Bryce-Laporte.  40 pp.


74         Acadian Cultural Committee, Madawaska:  proposal for
           establishing a cultural center in Madawaska, Maine.  120

75         Acadian Village:  booklet about the Acadian Village, Van
           Buren, Maine.  2 copies.

76         Beckwith, Cynthia.  "Our Lady of Lille."  _Echoes_,
           Spring 1989, pp. 27-29.  [Article about Notre Dame du
           Mont-Carmel Church in Lille, Maine]  4 pp.

77         Eagle Lake, Maine:  data about Eagle Lake.  4 pp.

78         Family reunion booklets:  four booklets.

Box 6      Flag:  Acadia flag: 6-3/4"x10" nylon flag on 15" plastic
           staff.  _Reunion Families' Favorite Recipes_; 172 pp. 
           Both stored in archival box number 6.

79         Fort Fairfield, Maine.  "Update of Town History for
           Comprehensive Plan 1991."  15 pp. 

80         Freeberg, Ernie.  "Voice of the Valley."  _Down East_,
           Nov. 1989.  [Article about Acadian singer Ida Roy]  4 pp.

81         Giguere, Madeleine.  "Language Maintenance-Speaking
           French at Home."  Conference paper, n.d.  33 pp.

82         Konrad, Victor A., and Michael Chaney.  "Madawaska Twin
           Barn."  _Journal of Cultural Geography_ 3, no. 1
           (Fall/Winter 1982): 64-75.  7 pp.

83         McDonald, Sheila.  "The War After the War: Fort Kent
           Blockhouse, 1839-1842.  _Maine State Historical Society
           Quarterly_  29, nos. 3 & 4 (Winter-Spring 1990).  13 pp.

84         _Madawaska Centennial, 1869-1969_.  [Madawaska, Me.]: 
           N.p., [1969].  Excerpts.  28 pp.

85         Madawaska Historical Society.  _Madawaska Historical
           Society Newletter_ 2, no. 10 (Feb. 1989).

86         Madawaska, Maine:  data about Madawaska.  7 pp. and two
           copies of booklet.

87         Michaud, A.J.  _An Acadian Heritage from the St. John
           River Valley_ (Madawaska, Me.:  Valley Publishing Co., n.
           d.).  Excerpts.  13 pp.

88         Newspaper articles:  various articles from the _St. John
           Valley Times_, _Bangor Daily News_, and other newspapers
           concerning the Acadian Festival and other events that
           occurred during the period of the field survey.  137 pp.

89         _Paper Talks Magazine_:  seven issues (1981, 1982, 1985,
           1986, 1987, 1989, 1990).

90         Programs:  various programs from events in the St. John
           Valley, summer 1991.

91         St. Bruno Parish.  _St. Bruno Parish, Van Buren, Maine,
           Sesquicentennial 1838-1988_.  (N.p.:  N.p., [1988]).

92         Soleil Press.  _Works by and About Franco-Americans_. 
           Catalog 1990-91.

93         Van Buren, Maine:  miscellaneous articles about Van
           Buren.  29 pp. and two booklets.

94         Newspaper clippings.  5 pp.

95         Published recordings notes.  5 pp.

96         Foundresses: The Little Franciscans of Mary.  Local
           history for children.  52 pp.

97         Fort Kent Centennial 1869-1969.  160 pp. + 4 pp. covers.

98         Fort Kent Historical Society 1989 Calendar.  28 pp.

99         Manuscript: Fort Kent.  Loose-leaf manuscript and draft
           of a book on the history and life at Fort Kent by the
           First National Bank.  38 pp.


100        Brassieur, C. Ray, coord.  "The Maine Acadian Cultural
           Survey."  199 pp.  [Draft report submitted to the
           National Park Service by the American Folklife Center]

101        North Atlantic Region, National Park Service.  Acadian
           Culture in Maine  (Boston:  National Park Service, 1992). 
           2 copies.  [Draft report based on the American Folklife
           Center's report "The Maine Acadian Cultural Survey."]

           North Atlantic Region, National Park Service.  Acadian
           Culture in Maine, Revised Edition.  (Draft copy for
           review, December 1993).  2 copies.

102        North Atlantic Region, National Park Service. 
           _Implementing the Maine Acadian Culture Preservation Act: 
           Draft Conceptual Framework/Environmental Assessment_. 
           Revised Edition to _Acadian Culture in Maine_.  June


           "Maine Acadian Resource Guide":  compilation of various
           articles and other materials about the history, culture,
           and economy of the Upper Saint John Valley.  Prepared by
           Camila Bryce-Laporte.  Stored in two loose-leaf binders.


Box 21     24 3-and-a-half-inch discs in 4 containers.
           18 floppy discs in 2 containers.

                                 SERIES II: SOUND RECORDINGS


           Recordists:  Ray Brassieur, David Whitman.

           Accession numbers:  MAP-DW-R001 through MAP-DW-R007.

           Total reel-to-reel tapes:  7 7-inch reels.


           Recordists:  Ray Brassieur, Lisa Ornstein, David Whitman.

           Accession numbers:  
           MAP-RB-A001 through MAP-RB-A016
                 SIROIS-THE SIROIS REUNION; a home studio
           MAP-LO-A001 through MAP-LO-A014 

           Total cassette tapes:  32 (C-60).

                                 SERIES III: GRAPHIC IMAGES

PHOTOGRAPHS:  Black-and-White Photographs

           Photographers:  Julie Bayley, Ray Brassieur, Howard
           Marshall, Lisa Ornstein, David Whitman.

           Accession numbers: 
           MAP-RB-B001 through MAP-RB-B005
           MAP-HM-B001 through MAP-HM-B021
           MAP-LO-B001 through MAP-LO-B003
           MAP-DW-B001 through MAP-DW-B069

           Negatives:  negatives for all black-and-white images,
           marked with the above accession numbers, in a loose-leaf
           binder.  Aerial photographs were taken by JB.

           Contact sheets: total of 97 contact sheets, comprising
           approximately 2,700 images, in a loose-leaf binder.  (3
           duplicate contact sheets are in folder number 68.)

           Prints: 8x10 black-and-white prints from field
           collection.  80 prints in a loose-leaf binder.


           Photographers:  Ray Brassieur, Howard Marshall, Lisa
           Ornstein, David Whitman.

           Accession numbers:  

           MAP-RB-C001-1 through MAP-RB-C012-20 (MAP-RB-C009-20 
                 is vacant); 
           MAP-HM-C001-1 through MAP-HM-C021-5; 
           MAP-LO-C001-1 through MAP-LO-C004-8 (MAP-LO-C002-8 
                 through MAP-LO-C002-20 are vacant); 
           MAP-DW-C001-1 through MAP-DW-C085-11 (MAP-DW-C027-18 
                 through MAP-DW-C027-20, MAP-DW-C084-15 through MAP-
                 DW-C084-20 are vacant).

           Total slides:  2,381.

                                  SERIES IV: MOVING IMAGES


           MAP-LO-V001 through MAP-LO-V004.  4 videotapes from the
           Fort Kent Historical Society.

           MAP-LO-V005.  One videotape copy of the July 16, 1990,
           30-minute production of the _Chronicle_ television show,
           titled "The Main Streets and Back Roads of New England,"
           showing the Upper St. John Valley and its history of the
           Acadian people and a look at their present-day
           descendents; discusses the struggle to keep their
           traditions alive.
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