Enduring Outrage: Editorial Cartoons by Herblock
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Time Line

1909 - October 13: Herbert Lawrence Block is born in Chicago

1927 - September: Enrolls at Lake Forest College, Chicago

1929 - April 24: First cartoon appears in the Chicago Daily Tribune

1933 - Moves to Cleveland to join the Newspaper Enterprise Service

1940 - Wins National Headliners' Club Award

1942 - Wins his first Pulitzer Prize for work concerning World War II and its economic consequences

1943-1945 Serves in the U.S. Army; produces cartoons and articles and edited a "clipsheet"

1946 - Joins the Washington Post, from which he never retires

1949 - Wins Heywood Broun Award from the American Newspaper Guild for outstanding journalistic achievement

1950 - Has a one-man show at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, attended by President Harry S Truman

1950 - March 29: Coins the term "McCarthyism," using the word as a label on a tar barrel

1954 - Wins his second Pulitzer Prize for work concerning the death of Stalin and his successor Malenkov

1956 - Wins National Cartoonists Society Reuben Award

1957 - Wins National Cartoonists Society Editorial Cartoon Award

1960 - Wins National Cartoonists Society Editorial Cartoon Award

1966 - Herb Block designs a U.S. postage stamp commemorating the 175th anniversary of the Bill of Rights

1973 - With Washington Post colleagues, wins the public service Pulitzer Prize for coverage of the Watergate scandal

1979 - Wins his third Pulitzer Prize for work concerning politics and campaign spending in 1978

1979 - Wins National Cartoonists Society Gold Key Award (National Cartoonists Society Hall of Fame)

1994 - Is awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom

1995 - Wins Thomas Nast Award from Overseas Press Club

1999 - Receives an honorary Doctor of Arts from Harvard University

2000 - Named a "Living Legend" by the Library of Congress

2000 - Library of Congress mounts a retrospective exhibition of Herblock's work

August 26, 2001 - Herblock' s last cartoon is published in the Washington Post

October 7, 2001 - Herb Block dies of pneumonia at age 91

2002 - The Herb Block Foundation sets up its offices

2002 - Entire Herbert L. Block archive is donated to the Library of Congress by the Herb Block Foundation, containing over 14,000 original cartoon drawings and 50,000 preliminary rough sketches, as well as photographs and manuscripts

2004 - Herblock Prize for excellence in political and editorial cartooning is established and first award is made

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