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How to Request a MARC Organization Code



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Before making a request for a new code, search the MARC Organization Code database first to see if a code has already been assigned. CLICK HERE to go to the search interface. If a code has not been assigned to the organization, follow the instructions below.

For one (1) to three (3) organizations:

Complete the following form for each separate organization for which MARC code is needed. In order to submit an email request you MUST fill in all of the required fields, including the field for an email address/ We need an address in order to send you a notice of your code assignment. If you do not have an email address, you may use a colleague's address as long as they are aware that a confirmation message will be sent from us.

If you need more than three codes for entities within a larger organizations (for example, multiple schools within a school district), you may please follow the alternative instructions for multiple codes below. The Library of Congress will assign a MARC organization code to any organization that needs one, regardless of size. Large organizations may request separate codes for divisions or subordinate units. Codes are not assigned to individuals, projects, or programs. Organizations in Canada can obtain library symbols (MARC codes) from the Interlibrary Loan Division at Library and Archives Canada (illservicespeb@nlc-bnc.ca).

The codes are used in union catalogs to identify holding libraries and in MARC records to relate a record or specific information in a record to an organization. Two key MARC 21 fields requiring a MARC organization code are field 040 (Cataloging Source) and field 852 (Location). MARC organization ("ORG") codes are unique identifiers consisting of one (1) to eight (8) alphabetic characters. The first part of the code is a geographic prefix that identifies the location (state and city, or, country and city) of the organization. The last part of the code takes letters from the name of the organization to complete the code. While the codes are case-independent in determining uniqueness, they are usually recorded in upper and lower case combinations that help identify the components of the code. For example: "TxDaSOC" is the MARC ORG code for the South Oak Cliff High School, in Dallas, Texas.

Please provide as much of the information below as possible. It will be loaded directly into a MARC code database used to publish the list of MARC organization codes. Use the [TAB] key to jump to each blank. Follow the guidelines for each piece of information below. Any incorrectly formatted information will have to be manually corrected and may delay the assignment of new codes. After filling out the form, press the "Send Your Request" button to submit your request via.

For More Than Three (3) Related Codes

For multiple code requests for entities within a larger organizations, (for example, multiple schools within a school district), please submit a list of organizations with their names, addresses, etc., via email to ndmso@loc.gov. Provide the same information as below, formatted as text. No email attachments will be accepted. This will expedite assigning multiple codes. Please note that requests for a large number of codes generally take longer to process.

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