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Appendix C - Multiscript Records

MARC 21 Classification
October 2002

Describes and illustrates models for recording data in multiple scripts in MARC records. One script may be considered the primary script of the data content of the record, even though other scripts are also used for data content.(Note: ASCII is used for the structural elements of the record, with most coded data also specified within the ASCII range of characters.) The general models for multiscript data that are followed with MARC 21 are described below.

Model A data in the regular fields is linked to the data in 880 fields by a subfield $6 that occurs in both of the associated fields. Specifications for field 880 are under that field; description of subfield $6 is in Appendix A: Control Subfields; specifications for character sets and repertoires for scripts are found in MARC 21 Specifications for Record Structure, Character Sets, and Exchange Media.

Although the data in the following records are taken from actual classification records, these records are included for illustration only and are not necessarily usable for classification purposes. The creator of the classification records is not specified in these sample records. Escape sequences are not included in the example records.


The following example of a multiscript record follows Model A. In this example, the language of cataloging is English (Latin script). However, the cataloging agency provides transliteration of the Latin script into Cyrillic script (Russian language).

040 ##$a***$brus$c***
084 0#$alcc
[Library of Congress Classification]
153 ##$6880-01$aHA1$cHA4737$j[Cyrillic script]
880 ##$6153-01/(B$aHA1$cHA4737$jStatistics

The following example of a multiscript record follows Model A. In this example, field 153 is expressed in both Hebrew and Latin scripts. Note that the second 880 field is not linked to an associated field. The occurrence number here is 00.The directionality of the Hebrew text in the examples is right-to-left within each subfield, but the subfields themselves have been recorded left-to-right. The actual input of all the data is in logical order (first-to-last), parts of which may be displayed in various directions depending upon the script and the display interface.

084 0#$alcc
[Library of Congress Classification]
153 ##$6880-01$aPR1588$hEnglish literature$hAnglo-Saxon literature$hIndividual authors and works$hBeowulf$hCriticism$jLanguage, grammar, etc.
730 00$aBeowulf$xLanguage$0(DLC)sh#85013267#
880 ##$6153-01/(2/r$a[Hebrew script]
880 ##$6680-00/(2/r$a[Hebrew script]


This example is a multiscript record that follows Model B. In this example, the language of the textual portions of the record is Russian (Cyrillic script). However, the language of the coded information is English (Latin script).

040 ##$a***$brus$c***
084 0#$addc$b[Cyrillic script]$c21
153 ##$a006.31$h[Cryllic script]$h[Cryllic script]$j[Cryllic script]
680 0#$i[Cryllic script]

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