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  • For Publishers
    Discover the benefits of indexing education-related materials in ERIC. Learn how your titles can be included.
  • For Authors
    Find out how individuals who hold copyright to their works can contribute papers, reports, and other materials to ERIC.
  • For Librarians
    Access information to support site linking, training, microfiche management, and more.
  • For Licensors
    Get information on licensing the ERIC Database and Thesaurus.


More About ERIC

  • ERIC Microfiche Digitization
    Help ERIC expand online access to nearly 340,000 documents indexed 1966-1992, originally available only in microfiche. Learn about our digitization project.
  • Support and Training Materials
    Learn how to search ERIC, use My ERIC, and get answers to our most frequently asked questions. Institute of Education Sciences