Title 29--Labor



TEXT PDF1614.101 General policy.
TEXT PDF1614.102 Agency program.
TEXT PDF1614.103 Complaints of discrimination covered by this part.
TEXT PDF1614.104 Agency processing.
TEXT PDF1614.105 Pre-complaint processing.
TEXT PDF1614.106 Individual complaints.
TEXT PDF1614.107 Dismissals of complaints.
TEXT PDF1614.108 Investigation of complaints.
TEXT PDF1614.109 Hearings.
TEXT PDF1614.110 Final action by agencies.
TEXT PDF1614.201 Age Discrimination in Employment Act.
TEXT PDF1614.202 Equal Pay Act.
TEXT PDF1614.203 Rehabilitation Act.
TEXT PDF1614.204 Class complaints.
TEXT PDF1614.301 Relationship to negotiated grievance procedure.
TEXT PDF1614.302 Mixed case complaints.
TEXT PDF1614.303 Petitions to the EEOC from MSPB decisions on mixed case appeals and complaints.
TEXT PDF1614.304 Contents of petition.
TEXT PDF1614.305 Consideration procedures.
TEXT PDF1614.306 Referral of case to Special Panel.
TEXT PDF1614.307 Organization of Special Panel.
TEXT PDF1614.308 Practices and procedures of the Special Panel.
TEXT PDF1614.309 Enforcement of Special Panel decision.
TEXT PDF1614.310 Right to file a civil action.
TEXT PDF1614.401 Appeals to the Commission.
TEXT PDF1614.402 Time for appeals to the Commission.
TEXT PDF1614.403 How to appeal.
TEXT PDF1614.404 Appellate procedure.
TEXT PDF1614.405 Decisions on appeals.
TEXT PDF1614.407 Civil action: Title VII, Age Discrimination in Employment Act and Rehabilitation Act.
TEXT PDF1614.408 Civil action: Equal Pay Act.
TEXT PDF1614.409 Effect of filing a civil action.
TEXT PDF1614.501 Remedies and relief.
TEXT PDF1614.502 Compliance with final Commission decisions.
TEXT PDF1614.503 Enforcement of final Commission decisions.
TEXT PDF1614.504 Compliance with settlement agreements and final action.
TEXT PDF1614.505 Interim relief.
TEXT PDF1614.601 EEO group statistics.
TEXT PDF1614.602 Reports to the Commission.
TEXT PDF1614.603 Voluntary settlement attempts.
TEXT PDF1614.604 Filing and computation of time.
TEXT PDF1614.605 Representation and official time.
TEXT PDF1614.606 Joint processing and consolidation of complaints.
TEXT PDF1614.607 Delegation of authority.