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The Library of Congress is one of the wonders of our country. Created and sustained for 200 years by the Congress of the United States, the Library has grown from its modest beginnings of 740 volumes and three maps to become the largest and most diverse collection of knowledge and creativity in recorded history.

The Library directly serves the Congress through the Congressional Research Service and through the Law Library. Musicians, poets, and other creative artists benefit from the servides of the Copyright Office. Its National Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped provides free braille and audio books. The Library serves researchers everywhere as the library of last resort. For people of all ages and interests, the Library is now the most comprehensive, free resource on the Internet for authoritative educational, legislative, and research materials.

The Library's amazingly rich collections are shared with the public through a remarkably talented and dedicated staff. Their daily commitment and hard work keep the nation's oldest federal cultural institution a dynamic force in our knowledge-based democracy. We salute the Library's staff and librarians everywhere as America's guardians of memory and navigators of knowledge for the Library's third century and humanity's Third Millennium. And we invite you to explore this Web site filled with the many activities undertaken by the Library, Congress, and the individuals throughout our nation marking our 200th birthday on April 24, 2000.

James H. Billington
The Librarian of Congress

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