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Z39.50 Register of Implementors -- Entries

Register of Implementors Procedures

There are currently 51 registered implementors in the list below;
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Total IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Total IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd provides various products for libraries, which are fully integrated with Z39.50 Server/Client. We provide a user-friendly interface using the Z39.50 protocol for searching & exchanging the bibliographic details of the electronic documents and online library cataloguing in different formats such as ISO, MARC21, MODS 3.0, Dublin Core etc. The integration of the Z39.50 protocol helps our automation software to search with the help of single keyword, combinational keywords / strings / Boolean search, and cross-indexes searching across multiple servers and can retrieve the records from library catalogues / union catalogues and other electronic resources available worldwide.

Our Products using Z39.50 throughout its applications:

  • In TLSS (Total Library Software System)
  • In ie-LMS (Web Based Library management System)
  • In ERMSS (Electronic Resource Management & Search Solution)

Above products provide a web based search for your library users to search your own database as well as other libraries in a single Z39.50 Search.

Server Access Details:

Machine: z3950-totalit.co.in
Port: 210
Database name: default

Contact: Mr. Puneet Saini (Chief Technical Officer)
 puneet.saini@totalit.co.in , rajiv.kumar@totalit.co.in; 412-C Suneja Tower -I, District Centre, Janak Puri, New Delhi – 110058; +91-11-25833321, +91-11-25833323; fax: +91-11-25833320; Mobile:  Mob: +91-9350515096, +91 -9811114737

Implementor Id: 195;Entry date: 9/2008; Last update: 9/2008; Last verification: 9/2008

WebClarity Software Inc.

WebClarity Software manufactures commercial products such as BookWhere, BookWhere Online and MARC Notepad, and implements customized software projects using the Z39.50 standard.

BookWhere is a Z39.50 search client for the Windows operating system.  It allows users to search for metadata and cataloguing copy and export it in a variety of formats.  Records can be saved to a file and imported into most library and citation management systems.  Systems incorporating WebClarity's SEND-TO API can receive records directly and seamlessly.  BookWhere provides simple and expert search capabilities using keyword, Boolean, and cross-index searching as well as browse.  The latest versions of BookWhere learn the nuances of each database to take full advantage of their search capabilities and available resources.  Two levels of batch searching are supported:  basic and enhanced where users can submit any number of searches across any number of databases.  To further assist in locating the highest quality records first, BookWhere also includes unique heuristic record rating and scoring algorithms that help users pinpoint the most complete bibliographic records. WebClarity manages the largest shared directory of databases in the world (currently 2800+).  BookWhere products are able to AutoSync with this central directory for new additions and changes on a regular basis ensuring the most timely and seamless access of any service.  With AutoSync, a BookWhere user is able to make full and productive use of the product without any knowledge of the Z39.50 standard.  Because BookWhere allows users to add their own databases and define login details on any database it is also possible to search specific subscription-only databases, such as those provided by OCLC or ITS-MARC.  The end result is a consolidated search mechanism for all of your record sources, whether shared or subscription.

BookWhere Online is a Web-based version of BookWhere.  It is an HTTP subscription service which users access via a standard Web browser including those used on Mac platforms.

MARC Notepad is a MARC record editing package.  It streamlines global (bulk) editing of records through the use of macros.  It also supports multiple character encoding schemas and can facilitate the conversion between them: utf-8 (Unicode), MARC-8 (ALA) and ISO 8859-1 (Latin 1).

For more information please visit www.webclarity.info.

Contact: Allison Standen
11 Victoria Street, Suite 204; Barrie, Ontario, L4N 6T3. 705-792-6933; fax: 705-792-2718; toll free: 866-213-8880; sales@webclarity.info

Implementor Id: 53; Last update: 5/2008; Last verification: 5/2008

Société GRICS

Product Name: REGARD
Product Functionality: Fully-Integrated Library System with Z39.50 server and client. Based on Index Data YAZ toolkit and Index Data, Zoom ToolKit.  Running on Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista, client-server with SQL Server 2005. Web based search module (search, and asyncronous Z39.50 multi-target search, patron's file, loans & reservations. Regard allows its owner to define the structure of data banks, and tailor multiples view of them. If offers highly tailorable listings and statistics, Control, Acquisitions and periodicals, Management of a union catalogue for the school sector enabling the users to integrate several libraries in one database, Management of multiple branches for public libraries, long distance operation and consultation of the borrower’s file.

Contact: Maurice Pelchat
5100 Sherbrooke East 3rd floor Bureau 300, Montreal, P.Q. Canada H1M 3R9; 514-251-3700 fax: 514-251-3920

Implementor Id: 177; Last update: 4/2008 Last verification: 4/2008

Index Data

Developer of the YAZ Z39.50/ILL/SRW/SRU toolkit for Unix and Windows, plus higher-level APIs in Perl, PHP, Tcl, and C++ (Java wrapper for YAZ in the works); including several ZOOM language bindings. An assortment of other related tools and utilities. Zebra XML/MARC/text indexing engine with Z39.50/SRU frontend. Pazpar2 is a high-performance, parallel Z39.50/SRU client with metasearch functionality (ranking, merging, sorting, facets, etc) and an interface-independent webservice API. Masterkey is a economical, hosted metasearch solution. Offers commercial support for own tools and some others. Offers Z39.50 assistance in the form of training/courses, consultancy, custom software development and project participation. Turnkey solutions for libraries, archives, database/content providers, system vendors, and many others.

Contact: Sebastian Hammer
46 S Lincoln St., Keene, NH 03431; (603) 209-6853

Implementor Id: 81; Last update: 4/2008; Last verification: 4/2008

Banco Central de Venezuela

The library of the Central Bank of Venezuela "Ernesto Peltzer", offers one of the nation's major resources for the study of economic sciences and financial studies. The Ernesto Peltzer Library serves as the primary library for the Central Bank of Venezuela. Its collection includes nearly 100,000 titles and serial volumes, and 1.453 rare books printed before 1850. It currently receives about 870 journals and serials and subscribes 20 databases with access to more than 15.730 journals in full text. The information resources of the Peltzer Library exist primarily to serve the research and instructional needs of the researchers of the Central Bank of Venezuela. However, the library is open to the public including undergraduates, graduates, and university faculty. The Peltzer Library has a number of resources and services, ready to assist, including access to the electronic library databases; computer-based as well as paper reserve materials; and computers for use by staff as well as to the public.   The library provides access to its online catalog, electronic journals and databases. It has developed the necessary infrastructure, using the new technology to successfully provide information services ranging from  telephone assistance, online reference assistance and email assistance through the Bank's website http://www.bcv.org.ve
The Peltzer Library considered using the Z39.50 search protocol in the Gateway to enable a common user interface for bibliographic searching, and to give users the option to search several online library catalogs worldwide simultaneously.   The online library catalog processes queries from searching requests through the Z39.50 service, once they are processed by the library's database, the system replies to the Z39.50 client (available forms: Alejandría, MARC21 and XML)

Server address: http://biblioteca-z.bcv.org.ve IP = "", DataBase "bcv_presta", Port "9999"

Contact: biblio@bcv.org.ve
Plaza Juan Pedro López, Esquina de Mijares, Mezzanina 2, Caracas 1010 - Venezuela. Dirección cablegráfica: BANCENTRAL Dirección Postal: Apartado 2017 Fax: (+58-212) 8610048 / 8018622 BCV longitude: 66° 54' 53' W  latitude: 10° 30' 33' N GMT - 04:30 

Z39.50 gateway coordinator:
Jose M. Sanchez Besteiro, Analista de Proyectos. Email: jsanchez@bcv.org.ve 
Ave. Urdaneta, Esq. de Las Carmelitas, Banco Central de Venezuela, Torre Financiera, piso 16, Departamento de Biblioteca, Unidad de Asistencia Tecnológica. Caracas 1010 - Venezuela. +58 (212) 8015093 - 8015605

Implementor Id: 192; Entry date: 10/2005; Last update: 4/2008; Last verification: 4/2008


Machine: z3950.copac.ac.uk
Port: 210
Database name: COPAC
Record syntax: XML, SUTRS or GRS-1
Services: Init, Search, Present, Named Result Sets, Delete Result Set, Sort, Trigger Resource Control, Close.

The Copac library catalogue gives free access to the merged online catalogues of major University, Specialist, and National Libraries in the UK and Ireland. It brings together details of a wide range of materials from across the subject spectrum, with a focus on research collections of national/international importance.

There are currently some 49 contributors ranging from the British Library, through major groups of libraries such as the many Oxford University libraries, to individual specialist institutions such as the Courtauld Institute of Art. Copac is continuing grow with the addition of new catalogues from diverse academic and special libraries.

Access to Copac, plus full details about the service and the Z39.50 interface, are available at http://copac.ac.uk/

Copac currently supplies the target for the Zetoc service, details of which can be found at http://zetoc.mimas.ac.uk/

Contact: Ashley Sanders
Mimas, Kilburn Building, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester. M13 9PL. UK. +44 (0)161 275 6037

Implementor Id: 120; Last update: 4/2008 Last verification: 4/2008


formerly Geac

Vubis-Smart, product of Infor Library and Information Solutions, uses Z39.50 throughout it's applications:

  • In V-smart (Integrated Library System).
  • In V-link (OpenURL Resolver).
  • In V-Spaces (portal for federated search).

For more information: www.vubis-smart.com

Contact: Pieter van Lierop, Infor Library and Information Solutions
72, Rue du Colonel de Rochebrune; 92380 Garches; Tel:  +33 (0) 1 47 95 90 00

Implementor Id: 32; Last update: 4/2008; Last verification: 4/2008

DV Consulting

Developing V3 Origin over TCP/IP supporting most of the services. Consulting with FIZ/STN-Karlsruhe in the German Library Project. Installing a connection between STN and several library systems in Germany using Z39.50. Developing a V3 Origin for Search, Present and ES ItemOrder to be used in the German Libary Project and in SUBITO which implemented a document delivery system which involves most of Libaries in Germany. In these projects consulting and development of some components was done by our company.

Contact: Harald Kappus
Klosestrasse 33; D 76137 Karlsruhe, Germany; +49.721.93203.21 or +49.172.7210779; fax: +49.721.93203.25

Implementor Id: 83; Last update: 11/98 Last verification: 6/2008

Danish Bibliographic Centre (DBC)

From Zpunkt (V3 target) is access to DanBib (the Danish national bibliography and the Danish union catalogue). Present formats include danMARC2 and MARC21. Zpunkt conforms to the danZIG profile. Zpunkt uses IdPass authentication (user, group and password), and supports open authentication (user/group and password).

Contact: Tommy Schomacker
Dansk BiblioteksCenter as; Tempovej 7-11, DK-2750 Ballerup; +45 4486 7777;

Implementor Id: 105; Last update: 5/2006; Last verification: 5/2008

University of Wisconsin Madison

An Endeavor V3 target at z3950.library.wisc.edu provides access to our OPAC, including bibliographic and holdings information. Supports MARC and OPAC record syntaxes.

Contact: Mitch Lundquist
Library Technology Group; 728 State Street, Madison WI, 53706; 608-265-2065, 608-262-8880, fax: 608-262-2833

Implementor Id: 42; Last update: 8/2004; Last verification: 5/2008


formerly: Lucent Technologies - Bell Laboratories

Ongoing development of internal origin and target running full Z39.50-1995, V3. Supports GRS-1, Explain, and Item Order.

Contact: Robert Waldstein
Room 3C-233 ; 600 Mountain Ave; Murray Hill, N.J. 07974; 908-582-6171;

Implementor Id: 3; Last update: 2/2003; Last verification: 4/2008

InformService Ltd. (IS.Ltd)

Developer of Z39.50 server, GUI client, Web gateway -- Complex of software for an information exchange in publishing, book business and libraries (for Z39.50 protocol) - "Biblio-Info".

Product can provide access to databases in USMARC, UNIMARC, RUSMARC, ONIX, XML and SUTRS formats. Full Unicode support is realized.

Contact:Anna Sokolova
2, Shkol’naya str., Nakhabino, Moscow region, 143433, Russia. (+7 495 ) 728-71-43.

Implementor Id: 193; Entry date: 10/2005; Last update: 10/2005; Last verification: 4/2008

University of Bradford

BOPAC2 is a Web based interface to multiple bibliograhic databases, which may be searched in parallel. Database searching is performed via the Z39.50 protocol, using software based upon that developed in the Europagate project.

Retrieved records are loaded into a Java applet for display and can be manipulated in a number of ways. Multiple records for the same item are consolidated, duplicate records can be removed, sets can be ordered in a number of ways.

The first phase of BOPAC2 was supported by the British Library Research and Innovation Centre and an online version of the project report is available from the project home page.

A revised set of targets is now available, and additional ways of selecting and sorting sets are provided. We also have a link to a new experimental project, using XML, BOSS.

Contact: Mick Ridley

Department of Computing, University of Bradford, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD7 1DP UK;
+44 1274 233946; fax: 233920;

Implementor Id
: 117; Last update:7/2001 Last verification: 4/2008

Amlib Pty Ltd

Amlib is a state of the art library management system that can be implemented within Web enable and Windows Client Server technologies. With a proven product history combined with a robust database management platform of Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, Amlib offers an integrated Z39.50 based solution to suit libraries worldwide. Some of the Z39.50 based features available within Amlib include:

Integrated Amlib ZClient
The Amlib Library Management Client features an integrated Z39.50 Client (also known as Amlib ZClient) within the Amlib Catalogue module for easy searching of other libraries, databases and suppliers. The Amlib ZClient has an additional benefit of being able to select a range of records from search results and immediately import into the Amlib Catalogue databases without having to save to a marc file first – an easy way for creating orders and importing marc records.

Amlib ZOpacs (Web Based ZSearch)
Amlib ZOpacs provides a web based search for your Library Users to search your own database as well as other libraries in a single Z39.50 search.

The Amlib ZOpacs module has the added benefit of displaying bibliographic holdings (copies) as well as the circulation status (e.g. On Loan) for supported Z39.50 platforms, making it ideal for consortiums and library districts. Configuration options including password options as well as the creation of multiple Target Groups by linking individual library targets to one or more groups. (e.g. create group “Metro Public” which contains all local public metropolitan libraries—simply search within Metro Public and ZOpacs will automatically search libraries linked to this group

Amlib ZServer (Z39.50 Server)
Amlib’s ZServer module for NetOpacs enables your library to provide Z39.50 access to your Amlib database. A wide range of configuration options can be customised including listening port and authentication level. Amlib ZServer supports the Z39.50 version 3 standard, including display of holdings and circulation status.

Contact: Trevor Dykstra
Asia Pacific: 2/899 Wellington Road, Rowville, Victoria, 3178, Australia; +61 3 9755 6200
North America: 8842 Goldeneye Lane, Blaine, WA 98230,Ph 1.800.849.1655

Implementor Id
: 185; Last update: 3/2004 Last verification: 4/2008

Ovid Technologies

V3 client and server with Scan and Access Control released. HTTP to Z39.50 gateway in production. Additional V3 features in development.

Contact: Kevin Thomas
333 Seventh Ave. New York, NY 10001; 646-674-6458

Implementor Id: 59; Last update: 1/96; Last verification: 4/2008

Altarama Information Systems

Our product, RefTracker, is a request management system for libraries. It accepts reference questions via the Internet, manages the response process to ensure that questions are responded to within library defined objective response times, develops a knowledge database of re-useable questions, and maintains statistics designed to enable the library to justify the resources required to staff their reference service. A Z39.50 compliant server module is in development for RefTracker. Its purpose is to make the RefTracker knowledge database Z39.50 compliant so that it can be searched concurrently with the library management system, where libraries have implemented both RefTracker and a Z39.50 compliant library management system. A web based Z39.50 client called RefTracker Zgate is already available.

Contact: Shirley Forster
Altarama Systems and Services; Barrenjoey Road, Palm Beach 2108 Australia; +61 2 9974 2500

Implementor Id: 179; Last update: 11/2002; Last verification: 4/2008

IPriori, Inc.

Client/server toolkit; server (Z'Est) on Windows NT. Unicode module on server. Developing and porting servers on NT. Consulting on NT systems development. Technical expert regarding Intellectual Property aspects of software; location of prior art regarding internet search and retrieval.

Contact: Stuart Soffer
1047 El Camino Real, Suite 202, Menlo Park, CA 94025. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 306, Menlo Park, CA 94026-0306; 650-566-0300

Implementor Id: 67; Last update: 4/2005; Last verification: 4/2008

Adlib Information Systems B.V.

Adlib Information Systems developed a Z39.50 server. Adlib Version 6 supports both MS SQL and Oracle databases. At Adlib, we put emphasis on open systems and international standards. Server platforms are Windows 2000 and Windows 2003. Client software runs on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

The following 'off-the-shelf' applications are available:

ADLIB | Library

Intended specifically for information and catalogue management in libraries and information services. Clearly structured screens, intuitive interfaces, context sensitive help, and extensive use of authority files ensure that working with ADLIB is exceptionally easy and efficient. For international organisations or other organisations where more than one language is used, ADLIB may be run in multiple languages. On starting ADLIB, you can switch between languages at the click of a button.

ADLIB | Museum

ADLIB Museum offers comprehensive functionality and interfaces for professional collections management. Standard features include integrated display of text and images, and interfaces to external applications such as Word, Excel and Web pages. Based on SPECTRUM, the Documentation Standard for museums.

ADLIB | Archive

Intended specifically for managing collections in archives and records offices. ADLIB Archive offers comprehensive functionality and interfaces for professional archive management. Standard features include Accessions and accruals, hierarchical catalogue structure to ISAD(G), and authority records to ISAAR(CPF) standards, published document cataloguing, image linking and retrieval capabilities and interfaces to external files, such as Word or Excel documents, Web pages, etc.

ADLIB | Internet Server

The ADLIB Internet Server offers flexible web based access to your collections. By adding this module to your ADLIB system, you can put your database on-line to the Internet or Intranet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ADLIB | Loans module

Like all ADLIB products, the Loans module features highly comprehensive and flexible functionality. If required, you can modify and extend the module using the toolkit supplied. For instance, you could adjust the structure of the patron record or the layout of a reminder letter, or generate extra reports for statistical purposes.

ADLIB | Acquisitions module

By keeping track of cost centres, payments and order status for you, and by printing out letters and updating your budgets and your catalogue automatically, the ADLIB Acquisitions module will help you manage your ordering system with maximum ease and efficiency.

ADLIB | Serials

The ADLIB Serials Module makes light work of the traditionally time-consuming and repetitive business of subscription management. Issues received are checked in quickly, simply and flexibly. Serials can be circulated among readers; cost centres and payments are kept track of; and your letters to suppliers can be compiled and printed or e-mailed automatically.

ADLIB | Designer

Taylor-made implementations can be based on the standard applications or build from scratch using the unique Adlib Designer software.

Contact: Ronald van der Meer

Safariweg 18-22, 3605 MA Maarssen, The Netherlands; +31 346 586800; fax +31 346 561655

Implementor Id: 108; Last update: 10/2005; Last verification: 4/2008

Cosmotron Systems Ltd.

Implemented client and server in our library system Advanced Rapid Library. Supports Version 3 functionality including Init, Search, Present, Scan, Close and Extended Services Database Update. Partial support of UCP (Union catalogue Profile) for cooperative union catalogisation in Czech and Slovak Republic. HTTP gateway for virtual union catalog. Based on YAZ toolkit.

Contact: Robert Spiegel
Koupelni 2, CZ-695 01 Hodonin, Czech Republic; 00-420-518/326 522; fax: 523

Implementor Id: 139; Last update: 5/2006; Last verification: 4/2008

AlCoda GmbH

NetBiblio is an integrated library management system for libraries and archives. We provide a Z39.50 web-based client to build virtual catalogs. This Z39.50 client has the following features:
  • Virtual catalogs
  • Build common catalogs (without the need to fusion databases)
  • Integrate databases from other vendors supporting Z39.50
  • Display highly customizable
  • Basket
  • Send e-mail containing the search result
  • Circulation status of documents
  • Integration with NetBiblio WebOPAC for user account access (reservation, renewal)
  • Seamless integration with NetBiblio Notice Server for easy notice copying
  • Easy installation, configuration and updates with the modern technology Microsoft .NET

We provide a Z39.50 server to integrate a NetBiblio database into any Z39.50 virtual catalog.

Contact: Roman Sallin
AlCoda GmbH Route de Schiffenen 9A 1700 Fribourg Switzerland +41 26 48 48 020 fax: +41 26 48 41 082

Implementor Id: 180; Last update: 6/2003; Last verification: 4/2008


formerly InQuirion Pty Ltd
Ihe TeraText product range (www.teratext.com) is developed by SAIC. The TeraText Content Server is a V2/V3 Z39.50 target with support for XML, SGML, and MARC as native data types. The server also supports Explain, SUTRS, GRS-1, and XML record syntaxes. The TeraText Database System is designed to support collections of millions to billions of records.

Contact: Alan Kent

SAIC Pty Ltd, Level 3, 91 William St, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000. Tel: +61-3-8689-0900

Implementor Id: 62; Last update: 10/2005 Last verification: 4/2008

Open Library Systems Ltd.


Z39.50 implemented as a core service of our LMS RUSLAN: server supporting bibliographic and non-bibliographic (accounting, user, etc.) databases, acquisition and cataloguing, circulation workbenches and Web gateway. Charset negotiation (UNICODE and 8-bit) supported as well as Database Update (UCP), Item Order, Sort and Resource-Control services, various MARC, OPAC and GRS-1 (Update, Zthes and local schemas) record syntaxes. Prototype of ILL workbench conforming to ISO ILL and Z39.50/ILL Profiles was recently developed. Further information is available at RUSLANet web pages.

Contact: Rustam Usmanov
Institute of Consortia Library Information Systems, St.Petersburg State Polytechnic University; 29, Politekhnitcheskaya str., St.Petersburg, 195251, Russia; Tel/fax: +7 812 552 7654

Implementor Id: 148; Last update: 4/2004 Last verification: 4/2008

British Library

The British Library's Z39.50 target is available at z3950cat.bl.uk. This provides access to over 13 million items held by the Library, with records presented in the SUTRS format. The target has been developed as part of the Library's Integrated Library System, based on the Aleph system supplied by Ex Libris.

Full details can be found at: http://www.bl.uk/catalogues/z3950copacaccess.html

Contact: John Lowery
'Bibliographic Development, The British Library, Boston Spa, Wetherby, W. Yorkshire, England, LS23 7BQ +44 (0) 1937 546551; fax: 546586

Implementor Id: 64; Last update: 10/2004; Last verification: 4/2008

Property Triangle

formerly "North Central"

Contact: Mike Taylor
Oakleigh Farm House, Crooked End, Ruardean, Gloucestershire GL17 9XF, ENGLAND. +44
1594 546 941

Implementor Id: 169; Last update: 4/2005; Last verification: 4/2008

Compusult Limited

Geospatial Portals, Z39.50 Gateways, Enterprise Portals, Data Management and Delivery Systems - Compusult Limited provides advanced software solutions and services enabling organizations to publish disparate data and information.

Compusult Limited is recognized as a leading implementer of data publishing and retrieval systems employing Z39.50 and helping government and other organizations leverage Z39.50 and other standards to solve disparate data sharing issues. We develop, support and maintain a proven, fully integrated software solution called Web Enterprise Suite. Compusult's Web Enterprise Suite of products fully support Z39.50 at both the client and server levels. It continues to be the primary choice for organizations desiring a single (or customized) gateway to disparate data.

If you have questions regarding Z39.50 to pull together your disparate data sources and collections -- Call us!

Description of Z39.50 products

Web Enterprise Suite
Web Enterprise Suite is an integrated suite of standards-based applications that enable the expedient and efficient construction of spatial Web-based portals that provide cataloguing, discovery, retrieval, delivery, Web mapping, e-commerce and metadata management services. It provides out-of-the-box support for a number of metadata standards (including FGDC and ISO 19115).

If disparate data sources need to be transparently integrated into a coherent data publishing and retrieval portal, then look no further then Web Enterprise Suite. It may consist of, depending on the version and configuration requirements, any or all of the following Standards-based, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (SCOTS) software components:

Meta Manager Z39.50
Meta Manager is an advanced metadata toolkit that provides metadata management. It enables data providers to expose data collections and archives as Z39.50-compliant servers for clearinghouse connectivity. It also supports multiple metadata standards and provides data providers with the ability to define, map and manage metadata content and to present this content in a number of formats including XML.

Meta Miner Z39.50
Organizations can create their own information Clearinghouse. The application includes a Z39.50 client that provides intuitive search specification fields, a clearinghouse server registration module and clearinghouse server searching. The client look and feel and operation is fully customizable and supports XML processing.

Map Manager
A powerful OGC-compliant Internet mapping solution providing organizations the ability to present, link, distribute and publish geomatics-based data, products and services. Map Manager provides an advanced infrastructure for users to access spatial information from disparate data sources and to display the information in powerful, easy-to-use WWW browser client applications.

WES Portal
The WES Portal is a pre-configured portal that enables users to discover, view, assemble and obtain desired data and services for a particular area of interest without needing to know the details of how the data and services are stored and maintained by independent organizations and data custodians.

Service Manager
A service registry that provides discovery, access, harvesting and maintenance of Web-based services metadata. Service Manager architecture has been specifically designed to be deployed in a multi-tier arrangement of clients and servers. Discovery of services is provided through a stateless interface enabling a client to locate service metadata quickly and effectively.

Contact: Robert Thomas
P.O. Box 1000; 40 Bannister St.; Mount Pearl; Newfoundland, Canada A1N 3C9; 709-745 -7914; fax: 709-745 -7927

Implementor Id: 168; Last update: 5/2006; Last verification: 4/2008

Library of Congress

Running a V3 target for access to our Voyager (Endeavor) system. Implementation includes init, search, present, and close. The target databases contain bibliographic and holdings records. MARC 21, OPAC, and XML record syntaxes are supported. LC is currently running version 2003.1.1 of Voyager and version 1.2.1 of Index Data's YAZ Proxy.

Server configuration information

Contact: Larry Dixson
NetDev/MARC Standards; Coll. Svcs.; Washington D.C. 20540-4102; 202-707-5807; fax: 0115

Implementor Id: 13; Last update: 5/2006; Last verification: 4/2008

Hacer Sistemas

Alejandría Z39.50 is a tool that enhances the power of Alejandría: a product which makes it easy to automate and introduce the most modern technologies within libraries, educational institutions, research centers, documentation centers and corporations. Alejandría Z39.50 provides interoperability with heterogenous systems which are information publishers and Z39.50 enabled. It is implemented using the Yaz Toolkit (Indexdata) and the Alejandría API for Windows 98/2000/NT/XP. Further information is available at http://alejandria.hacer.ula.ve/Z3950

Alejandría Z39.50 is implemented as client and server. The client is an agent that uses the Alejandria web interface to perform simultaneous search in several Z39.50 servers. An Alejandría Z39.50 client is running at http://www.ciudad-alejandria.com/serverz. This product turns an Alejandria client into a Z39.50 searcher.

Alejandria WorldLibrary is a new product that doesn't need the Alejandria's platform. It is a universal Z39.50 client that uses a web interface. It allows simultaneous query to multiple Z servers and several user's sessions. It is available at http://alejandria.hacer.ula.ve/Z3950 as a freeware.

The server is a module that uses the Alejandría search engine to look for records. It can concurrently serve to several databases . It receives the queries coming from Z39.50 clients and translates them into Alejandría query language in order to search its databases. When the records are received, they are translated to Z39.50 response language (only Marc format) and they are sent to the clients. Two servers are currently running: at www.ciudad-alejandria.com:9999 (bolivar, revistaActual, lgula databases) and at www.saber.ula.ve:9999 (saber, vereda databases).

Contact: José Aguilar
Corporación Parque Tecnológico, Centro Profesional General Massini, Av. 4 Bolívar, entre calles 17 y 18, Ofc. A-3, Mérida, Edo. Mérida, Venezuela. (58-274) 252 8808/252 7198
Fax: (58-274) 252 8808/252 7198

Implementor Id: 184; Last update: 9/2003 Last verification: 9/2007

DS Ltd (Crossnet)

The Crossnet business unit of DS Ltd undertakes software development, consultancy, training for Z39.50 and has a range of commercial and freeware Z39.50 products.
  • ZedKit-UNIX - a freeware software development kit for Z39.50 development originally developed for the German Library project DBV OSI II.
  • ZedKit - Windows a commercial software development kit for Z39.50 development.
  • ZedJAVA - a JAVA software development kit for Z39.50 development
  • ZedLib - a commercial package to allow the development of:
    • Z39.50 server package to ODBC accessible databases for Windows and UNIX platforms.
    • high performance MARC and XML record indexing.
  • DScovery - Microsoft .NET based product for federated searching across Library, Museum, Community Information and Archive material incl. Z39.50 and SRU searching.
  • Xchange - A Z39.50 and ISO-ILL inter-library lending management system.
DS is participating in the following Z39.50-related projects:
  • WiLL - Whats in London' s Libraries - Crossnet is providing a portal product to cross-search the library catalogues and community information databases of the 33 London borough public libraries.
  • NOAH project (Norfolk OnLine Access to Heritage) for the UK county of Norfolk.
  • SWRLS-SAGE - a cross-domain project in the UK to search across libraries, museums and public archives for the South West Regional Library Services group.
  • SWRLS-WISDOM - a virtual library catalogue based on Z39.50 and ISO-ILL protocols for the South West Regional Library Services group.
  • West Sussex Past (http://www.westsussexpast.org.uk/) - bringing together heritage resources of the UK county of West Sussex
  • Suffolk County Sense of Place - (http://www.senseofplacesuffolk.co.uk)  bringing together heritage resources of the UK county of Suffolk.

DS is a member of the Dokimas Group.

Contact: Rob Bull 
DS Ltd, Unit 12, Kingfisher Court, Hambridge Road, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 5SJ United Kingdom; +44 (0) 1635 522912; fax: +44 (0) 1635 522913

Implementor Id: 61; Last update: 9/2005; Last verification: 1/2007

Xrefer, Ltd.

The project is in the planning stages. We intend to host a Z39.50 server gateway for the Xreferplus reference database. Xreferplus is a subscription-based online reference service. Our implementation will make it possible to search for full text entries from the books we host. Search features will include searching by entry headings and keyword searching of the full text. Through database selection, results can be obtained from the entire database or by selecting one of 21 broad catgeories like medicine or science, etc. Results records will be available in USMARC, GRS-1, SUTRS and XML.

Contact: Peter Ciuffetti  316 Stuart St. Boston MA 02116 (617) 426-5046

Implementor Id: 194; Entry date: 10/2006; Last update: 10/2006; Last verification: 10/2006

United Institute of Geology Geophysics and Mineralogy. Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (UIGGM SB RAS)

  1. ZooPARK - multiplatform Z39.50 v.3 server (Windows NT/2K/XP/2K3, Linux, Solaris (x86,SPARC), FreeBSD, SCO OpenServer), based on YAZ ToolKit (Index Data), with the dynamic loaded data providers. Constructed on a block principle with possibility of the extension by the additional data providers (as DLL for Win32 or as Shared Objects for UNIX). The interface of the dynamic data provider is open for development of additional modules by other developers. In the current configuration the server contains modules for access to various DBMS - providers of the data CDS/ISIS (Z-ISIS), MS ADO (Z-MSADO), Text (ZEBRA), Remote Z39.50 (Z-REMOTE), MS SQL Server (Z-MSSQL), MySQL Server (Z-MySQL), PHP and PERL applications (Z-SHELL). Installed in assemblies of an information system of a one-type server ZooPARK can derivate clusters with redistribution of retrieval inquiries. The Z39.50 servers of other manufacturers also can be switched on in similar clusters, but with the limited possibilities. The server provides an information output in standard Z39.50 formats: SUTRS, GRS-1, USmarc, unimarc, RUSmarc, and html, as well as locally registered RTF. The server supports Explain categories TargetInfo, DatabaseInfo, SchemaInfo, TagsetInfo, AttributeSetInfo, AttributeDetails.

    ZooPARK includes also the WEB-server functioning in the same port, that server Z39.50. The ZooPARK WEB-server provides access to usual documents, supposes execution of scripts (PHP, PERL, etc.) and contains the builtin gateway Z39.50-HTTP (Z-GW).

    Now server Z39.50 is accessible at addresses:
    z3950.uiggm.nsc.ru:210 bases = (bib-1): geocat,geotrn,geocrf
    z3950.uiggm.nsc.ru:210 bases = (zthes): grefth,inisth,gemet,agrvc,dewey, e.a.

    Now server WWW and gateway Z39.50-HTTP is accessible at addresses: http://z3950.uiggm.nsc.ru:210

    Evaluation versions of ZooPARK are ftp://z3950.uiggm.nsc.ru/pub/ZooPARK

  2. Z-IRBIS - simplified variant of a server ZooPARK for data bases IRBIS and CDS/ISIS.

  3. ZooView - Z39.50 graphics client Z39.50

The information on the server (in Russian) is at http://z3950.uiggm.nsc.ru:210/ZooPARK/index.htm

: Zhizhimov Oleg L.
Koptyug pr. 3, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia; +7(383) 33-20-05, +7(383) 33-22-16 Fax: +7(383) 33-27-92 (for Zhizhimov O.L.)

Implementor Id: 155; Last update: 10/2006 Last verification: 10/2006

System Simulation

System Simulation's Index+ information management system includes configurable Z39.50 client and server support. Index+ is available as a general purpose information retrieval and content management system, as the MuseumIndex+ museum collections management system, and as both a digital asset management and a picture library system.

We have contributed Z39.50 software to several EU-funded projects concerned with sharing cultural heritage information.

The Index+ Bridge allows distributed searching across a variety of databases. Our Z39.50 client  software is one of the channels available to Bridge builders.

The Index+/SOAP Gateway is a general purpose SOAP server which can be configured to serve the SRW protocol.

Contact: Michael Selway
Bedford Chambers; The Piazza; Covent Garden; London WC2E 8HA; UK. +44 (0)20 7836 7406

Implementor Id: 136; Last update: 10/2006; Last verification: 10/2006

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

The Smithsonian/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) provides access to 5 million references in the fields of Astronomy/Planetary Sciences/Solar Physics, and Physics/Geosciences, as well as scanned article from most Astronomy journals. The database can be searched by author, title, or abstract text.

Contact: Guenther Eichhorn
60 Garden Street; MS-83; 617-495-7260, (Fax) 617-496-7577

Implementor Id: 147; Last update: 10/2006 Last verification: 10/2006

Sunstone Systems

Sunstone Z39.50 Server

Easily configurable version 3 target for the Livelink Discovery Server(formerly BRS/Search) search engine from OpenText Corporation.

Supports Init, Search, Present, Delete-result-sets (and naming of result sets), Scan, Sort and Close.

Attribute sets and the mapping of attributes to the database are user configurable. Various MARC formats, SUTRS and GRS-1 are supported internally. Any other record format is accessible through Java plug-ins orexternal executables.

Implemented in Java and based on the ZedJAVA toolkit from Crossnet Systems Ltd. Target platforms: All platforms supporting Java (NT, Solaris, AIX and Linux tested).

Contact: Anders Sundström

Barnhusgatan 14, S-111 23 Stockholm, Sweden; +46 8 545 221 00; fax +46 8 545 221 10

Implementor Id: 152; Last update: 5/2005; Last verification: 11/2006

Museglobal, Inc.

MuseGlobal has developed a multi-protocol broadcast search environment system called Muse, which undertakes simultaneous searching of multiple sources using different protocols. Search statements are translated to the appropriate search language of the Source and mapped to the semantics of the Source. The appropriate protocol is used to conduct the search and retrieve results. Results are re-formatted and transmitted to the Muse user. Search results may be enhanced by secondary searches utilizing the data from the primary search results. Results are merged and may be processed and manipulated in a number of ways before being returned to the user.

Muse utilizes a number of protocols for connecting to other systems. With Muse acting as a server, it accepts 'instructions' in http, Z39.50, SOAP, LDAP, Telnet, XML, SIP, NCIP, OpenURL, and proprietary protocols. When Muse acts as the broadcast search client, its Connectors allow it to connect to Sources using all the above protocols and SQL, Lotus Notes and other 'office/document' protocols. Muse recognizes record formats appropriate to the protocols from 2709 MARCs through SUTRS to XML and comma delimited.

Muse has been in active use since 2000 mainly used as a service component by MuseGlobal's partners who incorporate it into their own products as either a portal or a back end engine.

Muse Server supports Z39.50 v3 and functions Init, Search, Present, Close. It is conformant to Bath at levels 0 or 1 across all areas, with the proviso that its conformance depends on the capabilities of the ultimate servers which it is searching. Supported formats: USMARC, UKMARC, MARC21, DanMARC, NorMARC, SweMARC, CMARC, SUTRS, XML, DC. Unicode character encoding. Returns diagnostic messages from bib-1 Diagnostic Set.

Muse Client supports Z39.50 v3 and functions Init, Search, Present, Scan, Close. Supported formats: UNIMARC, MARC21, SUTRS. Unicode character encoding.

Contact: Peter Noerr

4001 South, 700 East, Suite 220, Salt Lake City, UT 84107. 801-208-1880, fax: 801-208-1889

Implementor Id: 183; Last update: 1/2003 Last verification: 6/2006


Reindex is a library system offering all traditional library-functions in one compact web-interface. Reindex.net implements a fully maintained system without local installations - apart from browsers. Reindex.net runs on Debian with Zebra from Index data for bibliographic data. Sybase 9 XML is used for administrative data. Internally marcXchange is used for bibliographical records. Update utilizes Z39 - extended services. Reindex supports MARC21, Danmarc, Normarc and Dublin Core with UTF8-encoding. SRU/SOAP/RSS supported.

Contact: Hans Erik Büscher
Købmagergade 43,2 DK 1150 Copenhagen Denmark +45 70 20 84 34

Implementor Id: 189; Last update: 5/2006; Last verification: 5/2006

TietoEnator Libraries Oy

PallasPro Library System has at the moment two Z39.50-1995 V3 compliant products in use: a Z39.50 server software and a cataloguing client, which natively uses Z39.50 for server connection. The Z39.50 features available are:
  • Protocol version: 3
  • Supported basic services: Init, Close, Delete, Search, Present, Scan, Named Result Sets, Explain (CategoryList, TargetInfo, DatabaseInfo, RecordSyntaxInfo
  • Supported extended services: Update, Delete, Record Insert
  • Query-type: RPN
  • Attribute sets: Bib-1, Fin-1, or any configurable
  • RecordSyntax: FINMARC, GRS, SUTRS and MARC21
  • Character sets: ISO 6937/2 and UNICODE (UTF-7 and UTF-8)
  • Platforms: Unix for server, Windows for client workstations
  • Programming tools: ONE library

Contact: Marko Happonen
P.O.Box 203, FIN-40101 Jyvaskyla, Finland

Implementor Id
: 151; Last update: 5/2006; Last verification: 5/2006

Balticsoft Ltd.

NEVA library automation system has Z39.50 (V3 compliant) server as a system core, as well as, the family of specialized Z39.50 clients (library workbenches) covering full life-cycle library functionality. Z39.50 server plays a role of library application server. It has own embedded database management system. Z39.50 profile includes the following features supported. Services: Init, Close, Access Control, Resource Control, Search, Present, Named Result Sets, Scan, Sort, Explain, Extended Services. Query-type: RPN. Attribute sets: Bib-1. RecordSyntaxes: RUSMARC, UNIMARC, MARC 21, GRS1, SUTRS, OPAC, XML. Character sets: Unicode (UTF-8), negotiation supported for Windows CP1251, DOS 866, KOI8-R. Server Platforms: Windows NT/ 2000/ XP. Client Platforms: Windows 98/ NT/ 2000/ XP.

Contact: Dmitry Sova
P.O.Box 143 BALTICSOFT, Saint-Petersburg, 197342, Russia; phone: (+7 812) 973-00-28; fax: (+7 812) 430-88-92

Implementor Id: 190; Last update: 4/2005; Last verification: 5/2006

Axiell Bibliotek AB

Commercial Z39.50 client for Windows 98/2000/NT/XP is included in the Libra III library management software. Import of Marc-records from Z3950-databases to local database with the client software. The server-side of the system runs under Unix. Z39.50 server under Unix is also available.

Contact: Thorsten Jakobson
Box 5151, 42605 Vastra Frolunda, Sweden; 31 710 29 50; fax: 31 69 46 46

Implementor Id: 123; Last update: 6/2003; Last verification: 5/2006

DIMDI (Deutsches Institut fuer Medizinische Dokumentation und Information)

The grips retrieval system uses the protocol machine developed for DBV-OSI (German library project) to provide origin and target functionality for Z39.50-1995. All of DIMDI's databases may be accessed using the bib-1 or STAS attribute sets.
DIMDI is an institute within the scope of the German Federal Ministry of Health and Social Security. Since its foundation in 1969, it has been DIMDI's main task - besides the comprehensive legal tasks assigned to it by the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Security to provide the interested public with quick and easy access to the latest information in all fields of the life sciences. After initially concentrating on health care and medicine, we have continuously expanded our services, also in cooperation with other institutions. Today, we can offer a broad collection of databases covering the entire spectrum of life sciences and social sciences. DIMDI offers access to over 90 databases with a total of more than 100 million records; approximately 4 million new documents are added each year. About one third of the databases are available free of charge. Online access to DIMDI's databases is possible via all major communication networks. DIMDI took part in the German Library Project (DBV-OSI II) where the Z39.50 interface to our databases has been developed.

Contact: Ulla Reimer

Waisenhausgasse 36-38a; D-50676 Koeln; +49 221 4724 259; fax: +49 221 4724444

Implementor Id: 113; Last update: 6/2003 Last verification: 5/2006

Information Analytics Systems Ltd. (IAS.Ltd)

Developer of Z39.50 server, GUI client, Web gateway, corporate library automation system (on Z39.50 protocol) - "AS Library-3"; corporate musem automation system "AS Musem-3"; automatic statistic system "AS NetStat-3"; automatic system for calculation of monument "AS Monument-3". All product can provide access to databases in USMARC, UNIMARC, RUSMARC and SUTRS formats. Full Unicode support is realized.

Contact: Mike Pakhomov
22a, Sovetskaya str., Nakhabino, Moscow region, 143430, Russia (+7 495) 566-00-63; 228-59-64

Implementor Id: 188; Last update: 12/2004; Last verification: 5/2006

ImagiNET Resources Corp.

Stacks (TM) is Library Automation Software for Windows and the Internet. Includes Z39.50 Client functionality. Visit our web site
for all the details (www.Stacks.ca)

Contact: Bob Burley
210 - 233 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 2A7 ; (204) 989-6022 x144, 1-888-343-4598 x114Fax: (204) 957-7637

Implementor Id
: 115; Last update: 1/2002 Last verification: 5/2006


Dantek has developed several products incorporating Z39.50 version 3 as a standard means for seamless integration. The products aim for increased efficiency and effectiveness by catalysing synergy founded in internal as well as external cooperation. For general information on Dantek and our products, please visit our corporate web site (http://www.dantek.dk).

Dantek Download Center
Dantek Download Center streamlines the process of maximizing the benefits of the national Danish union catalogue (DanBib) by offering direct access to all the standard deliveries. Additionally Dantek Download Center offers many possibilities for custom download of bibliographical records. Generally speaking Dantek Download Center turns the traditionally complex and time consuming process of keeping local records up to date relative to DanBib into a triviality.
Dantek Download Center is fully compliant with the danZIG profile and additionally supports compound queries using BIB-1, DAN-1 and DBC-1. Hereby the full potential of the Danish library infrastructure is brought to the desktop of the user. Dantek Download Center is fully integrated with Dantek Library, Dantek BiblioMatik and Dantek Booking, Dantek's premium library automation tools. Additionally Dantek Download Center may be used as a stand-alone product bringing the synergy to users of any other library automation tool.

Contact: Henrik Dahl
Dantek, Vestergade 41, DK-8600 Silkeborg, Denmark. +45 86 80 30 99, fax: +45 86 80 30 94

Implementor Id: 182; Last update: 9/2002; Last verification: 5/2006


RLG provides Z39.50 access to the RLG Union Catalog, the LC/NACO and LC/SACO databases, and various citation databases. Z39.50 client access is available by subscription. RLG also uses Z39.50 connections within its ILL Manager software, and to show up-to-date holdings information from local systems whose records are cataloged in RLIN. A sample database for Z39.50 client developers, xxdefault, is at z3950.rlg.org:210. RLG’s primary Z39.50 server is based on YAZ. This server is used for RLG’s Eureka and RLIN21 services.

RLG plans to offer support for Database Update using Extended Services during 2006.

Server information is at http://www.rlg.org/en/page.php?Page_ID=687, Searching Using a Z39.50 Connection.

Contact: Lennie Stovel
2029 Stierlin Court, Suite 100, Mountain View, CA 94043-4684; 650-691-2259.

Implementor Id: 19; Last update: 11/2005; Last verification: 11/2005

Ex Libris

Z39.50 is an integral tool in a number of Ex Libris’ product offerings, including theALEPH 500 ™ integrated library management system, the MetaLib® library portal and MetaSearch™ product, and DigiTool , developed for managing digital assets. All products support version 3 of the protocol.

ALEPH provides both Z39.50 target and origin functionality. The target supports access by any Z39.50 compliant client to ALEPH catalogs. The gateway provides seamless connectivity to remote targets through the ALEPH staff client and the ALEPH Web-based OPAC client. ALEPH supports the Bath Profile 2.0.

ALEPH Z39.50 server capabilities include the following:

  • Services:
    Init, Search, Present, Delete, Sort, Scan and Close

  • Extended Services:
    DatabaseUpdate (recordInsert, recordReplace and recordDelete), developed according to UCP.

  • Attribute sets:
    BIB-1 and DAN-1. Additional attribute sets can be configured.

  • Record Syntaxes:
    MARC21, UNIMARC, MAB, GRS-1, SUTRS, XML (Dublin Core), and OPAC. Additional MARC-based formats can be configured.

  • Holdings Schema:
    Element sets B1, B2 and C2, as recommended in the Bath Profile. Element sets B2 and B3 of the danZIG Profile specifications are also supported.

  • Element sets:
    Default element set is F. Additional element sets can be configured.

  • Character sets:
    Unicode (UTF-8). A wide range of additional character sets can be configured.

ALEPH as a Z39.50 client capabilities include the following:

  • searching Z39.50 targets and presenting bibliographic data

  • sorting bibliographic data via Z39.50

  • presenting Holdings Information (from OPAC records or from Holdings Schema records)

  • browsing Z39.50 targets

  • support for the ES DatabaseUpdate Service, as part of the staff Cataloging module.

Ex Libris’ MetaLib library portal and metasearch product is also a Z39.50 client. Its Central KnowledgeBase includes configurations for hundreds of Z39.50 gateway databases, retrieving and parsing MARC, SUTRS, and XML data from them. MetaLib’s Administration module includes tools to configure additional Z39.50 gateways to be searchable in the MetaLib user interface. MetaLib as a MetaSearch tool searches and retrieves records using other protocols, including the SRU and SRW XML Gateway protocols. MetaLib’s copy cataloging module makes MetaLib a Z39.50 server as well.

DigiTool also provides Z39.50 target and origin functionality. The target supports access by any Z39.50 compliant clients to the DigiTool Resource Discovery over TCP/IP. Supported services include Init, Search, Present, Delete, Sort, Scan, and Close. The target includes MARC and Dublin Core mapping functionality so clients can retrieve the data from the target in the desired format. The gateway provides seamless connectivity to remote targets through the DigiTool Meditor (metadata editor) client.

Connect to www.exlibrisgroup.com for more information.

Contact: Randy Menakes
200 S. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1200, Chicago, IL 60604; 877-527-1689

Implementor Id: 162; Last update: 10/2005; Last verification: 10/2005

Servicios de Teledocumentacion S.A., BARATZ

We have included Z39.50 v.3 as an important module of our Library Management System ABSYS. We have a Z39.50 server, a gateway to Z39.50 servers included in our Web Opac, and there is a Z39.50 client included in our standard Absys client. We also have a gateway web/Z39.50 which creates virtual union catalogues. These products are currently installed in Spain, France, Portugal and other countrys in Latin America including the University Union Catalog of Spain (REBIUN) with more than 6 million records. More information is available at our web site: http://www.baratz.es.

Contact: Pedro Corral
Raimundo Fdez. Villaverde, 28 - 1 28003 Madrid - Spain; 34 914560360 Fax: 915330958

Implementor Id: 130; Last update: 6/2003 Last verification: 10/2005

Blue Angel Technologies Inc.

Z39.50 Gateways, Digital and Virtual Libraries, Content Management and Enterprise Information Portals -- Blue Angel provides flexible, scalable, Enterprise Software and a full-range of Professional Services so that organizations can make the most of disparate information resources (both internal and external).

Since its inception, Blue Angel Technologies has been recognized as a leading implementer of Z39.50-- helping government agencies; academic communities, libraries, corporations, and other organizations leverage Z39.50 and other standards/protocols to solve complex information sharing problems. Blue Angel develops, supports, and maintains, a mature, fully integrated software suite, collectively called MetaStar™, which can be used separately or together to unite information in powerful ways. Blue Angel's MetaStar™ Products fully support Z39.50 at both the client and server levels. MetaStar's powerful Z39.50 Search Engine combined with its fully configurable, standards-based architecture make it a logical choice for organizations desiring a single (or customized) gateway to disparate resources and/or collections.

If you have questions regarding Z39.50 or are interested in making the most of your disparate information resources-- We can help!

Contact: Jon Riewe MetaStar Solutions P.O. Box 80645 Valley Forge, PA 19484; 610-337-1403; fax: 610-337-1407

Implementor Id: 90; Last update: 4/2003; Last verification: 10/2005

University of California, Berkeley -- School of Information Management and Systems

The Cheshire II system is an information retrieval system supporting Z39.50-1995 and the majority of Z39.50-2003 (including the attribute architecture), with several general-purpose scriptable clients (origin) and servers (target). The system uses SGML/XML for all of the data and provides output mapping to GRS-1 and SUTRS from SGML or XML. The server automatically generates an IR-Explain-1 database from system configuration files. The distribution includes an Alpha version of Cheshire III with support for SRW.

Contact: Ray R. Larson
102 South Hall #4600 Berkeley, CA 94720-4600; 510-642-6046, fax: -5814

Implementor Id: 171; Last update: 8/2004; Last verification: 10/2005

Liber Community of Russia

D3Zserver is a Z39.50 service of D3 (RDBMS by Raining Data) which provides services to databases inside D3. In default version D3ZServer provides access to LiberMedia data via Z protocol, supports extended function via
e-mail. In additional, D3Zsoft set consists of D3ZServer & D3ZClient (It
helps other databases use Z service).

representative: Dmitry Popkov
Leninski-4, Moscow, Russia, +7-(095)-236-8067 fax: +7-(095)-347-2337

Implementor Id: 178 Last update: 4/2004 Last verification: 10/2005

Etymon Systems Inc.

Etymon develops free and commercial server information systems, including the Amberfish text retrieval system. `

Contact: Nassib Nassar
P.O. Box 12484; Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2484; USA; 919-949-6125

Implementor Id: 156; Last update: 2/2000 Last verification: 5/2005


The Library Corporation

  1. ITS for Windows (Integrated Technical Services Workstation), Z39.50 Client. A Windows based MARC cataloging work station with context-sensitive MARC and cataloging documentation.
  2. Library.Solution (Fully-Integrated Library System) with Z39.50 server and client.
  3. Database of approximately 20 million MARC records (Z39.50 Server).
  4. National authority database searchable via Z39.50.
We have added access to OCLC Update function to our Z39.50 clients.

Contact: Dr. Mark Wilson
Research Park; Inwood, WV 25428; 304-229-0100 x254, 800-624-0559 x254

Implementor Id: 94; Last update: 4/2002; Last verification: 5/2005


IOOP Online Information Ltd.
(Informação Online Ltda.)

Our products are based on YAZ Toolkit. Record syntaxes supported: usmarc, sutrs, grs-1 and xml (semantic mappings to: GILS, Dublin Core, EAD, MODS, OAMSET, etc.

IOOPZ Client - IOOP has cataloged library of targets, organized by subject, location. It also has a search engine to query multiple databases even those who don't use Z3950.

IOOPZ Server - a Z3950 server that has engines for indexing and harvesting databases online, text mining processes and information extraction.

IOOPZ Databases - Z3950 databases indexing periodicals online, full-text newspapers, library catalogs, law and legislation and specialized databases.

Contact: Rondon de Andrade
Rua das Camelias, 381, 78030, Cuiaba-MT, Brazil; +55-61-9232-5265; fax: +55-61-3226-4922

Implementor Id: 191; Entry date: 10/2005; Last update: 9/2005; Last verification: 9/2005

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