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Experiencing War: Stories from the Veterans History Project

"I knew I had to go." These are the words of Frederick Stilson, a veteran of World War I, but they echo the words spoken by thousands of veterans whose stories are gathered in the Veterans History Project. The sense of obligation, honestly and not grudgingly felt, is a thread running through many of the stories in this chapter.

Image of Vincent Reed
Detail from a Portrait Postcard of Vincent Reed in France, World War I (page 14)
Image of Warren Tsuneishi
Born on the Forth of July, named after an American President, raised by his immigrant parents to believe that he was truly an American, Warren Tsuneishi had so many reasons to answer the call when the United States entered World War II. There was, on the other hand, the matter of where his family would be spending the war: in an internment camp 870 miles away from their home.
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* Page numbers refer to the pages in Voices of War on which the veteran appears.

“You want to be part of American history.”   – Max Cleland

Image of Max Cleland

"...We were our own band of brothers... we were alone"

Senator Max Cleland's story
(pages 19-21)

Image of Chuck Hagel

"I didn't want to be in Germany when there was a war going on in Vietnam."

Senator Chuck Hagel's story
(pages 18-19, 39, 52-53)

Image of Rafael Hirtz

"I think we had a harder time competing against [the F.B.I.] than we did against the Germans..."

Rafael Hirtz's story
(pages 16, 46-47)

Image of Jeanne Markle

"We ran out of bandages ... and had to use the Stars & Stripes newspaper ..."

Jeanne Urbin Markle's story
(pages 23, 30, 52)

Image of Vincent Cornelius Reed

"... the same respect that they would have treated their own soldiers."

Vincent Cornelius Reed's story
(pages 14, 15, 31)

Image of Frederick Clarence Stilson

"Sherman was right,
'War is Hell,'..."

Frederick Clarence Stilson's story
(pages 17, 33, 45)

Rep. Joe Baca (page 30)
Rep. Steve Buyer (pages 31, 42, 44)
Isabelle Cedar Cook (pages 23, 38-39)
Denton W. Crocker (pages 26-27, 44)
John Enman (pages 32, 50, 51)
Mary Sheldon Gill (pages 29-30, 36)
Violet Askins Hill Gordon
(pages 22, 29, 34, 41-42, 49-50)
Jeanne Holm (pages 30, 41)
Walter Morris (pages 22-23)
Irving Oblas (page 38)
Robert Lee Olen (page 41)
Joanne Palella (pages 25-26, 52)
Rhona Knox Prescott (page 23)
Sally Hitchcock Pullman
(pages 27-28, 34, 50)
Nathaniel G. Raley (pages 26, 45)
Sidney Algernon Riches, Sr. (page 43)
Rep. Edward Schrock (page 43)
Patricia M. Seawalt (page 35)
Ben M. Snyder (pages 39, 49, 50)
Joseph Steinbacher (page 40)
Paul Alexander Steppe, Jr.
(pages 37, 43, 45)
Malcolm Harvey Stilson (pages 18, 53)
Tracy A. Sugarman (pages 21-22, 48)
Marie Brand Voltzke (page 53)
James Walsh (pages 28-29)
Ronald Winter (pages 39-40, 52)
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