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The Veterans History Project would like to thank all of the veterans who took the time to document their war experiences and place those materials in the collections of the Library of Congress. We would especially like to thank the persons whose stories we are featuring in "Experiencing War" for their willingness to participate. In addition, this Web site would not have been possible without the support, time and talents of the following individuals:

Veterans History Project: Robert Patrick, Alexa Potter, Tamika Brown, Jennifer Eidson, Stephanie Weaver, Aron Swan, Yvonne Brown, Candace Milburn, Ariel De, Tracey Dodson, Peter Bartis, Sheila Dyer, Jeffrey Lofton, Megan Harris, Rachel Mears, Nancy Mitchell, Sarah Rouse, Sandra Savage, Tim Schurtter, Tom Wiener, Jessica Maccarro, Monica Mohindra.

Emeritus: Diane Kresh, Ellen McCulloch-Lovell, Anneliesa Clump, Angela Reid-Ampey, Mark Hall, Megan Harris, Jason Lee, Judy Ng, Becky Petersen, Tim Roberts, Jonathan Setliff, Eileen Simon, Virginia Sorkin, Taru Spiegel, Carrie Schneider, Heather McCaw, Christy Chaison, Geanie Jackson, Vickie Govro.

Digital Conversion Group: Neil Huntley, Matthew McCrady, Tonya Brown-Branch.

Network Development Design Team: Elizabeth F. Miller, Nate Trail, Morgan Cundiff, Glenn Gardner, Corey Keith, Julie Mangin, .

ITS/Multimedia: Thomas Bramel.

ITS/Digital Scan Center: Lynn Brooks, Andrew Cook, Jade Curtis, Joel Kaufman, Domenico Sergi.

OSI: Martha Anderson, Carl Fleischhauer, Steve McCollum, Michael Fitzella.

Print and Photographs Division: Brett Carnell, Gay Colyer, Sara Duke, Ronnie Hawkins, Mary Ison, Harry Katz, Phil Michel, Helena Zinkham.

Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division: Richard Thaxter.

American Folklife Center: Peggy Bulger, Marcia Segal, Michael Taft.

Office of the General Counsel: Emily Vartanian

Radio Series creator: Lee Woodman Media, Inc.

Video and audio encoding and duplication: Vidipax, New York, NY

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