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The Art of War (Experiencing War, Stories from the Veterans History Project, Library of Congress)
Oral histories form the heart of the Veterans History Project collections, but there are many other ways to tell the story of service during wartime. If one picture is worth a thousand words, then the collections featured below contain several books' worth. Here are veterans who documented their experiences with paintbrushes, sketching pens, and camera lenses. From Vietnam photographs by Aldo Panzieri to WWII GI portraits by Mimi Korach Lesser, these collections tell tales that mere words cannot describe. Though many of these collections do contain interviews and documents, it is their artwork that is the truly eloquent testimony to all facets of war. [Read Press Release]
Montage of Photos by Ralph PyleRalph Pyle
Korean War

also, Audio Interview, Memoir, and Biography
Montage of drawings by Joseph ParrinoJoseph Parrino
Korean War

also, Photographs
Drawing by Doane HageDoane Hage
World War II

also, Audio Interview and Memoir
Montage of Paintings by Peter SanfilippoPeter Sanfilippo Paintings
World War II

also, Memoir, Correspondence, Official Documents
Montage of photographs by Joe ThompsonJoe Thompson
World War II

also, Description of photos in narrative form
Drawing by Carl FordahlCarl Fordahl

also, Video and Audio Interviews, Photographs, Paintings
Montage of Drawings and Watercolors by Mimi LesserMimi Lesser

World War II

also, Narrative, Correspondence
Montage of Drawings by Victor SelinskyVictor Selinsky
World War II

also, Video Interview, Memoir
Montage of Illustrated Envelopes by Sumner GrantSumner Grant
Illustrated Envelopes
World War II

also, News Clipping from "Yank" magazine
Montage of Photos by Aldo PanzieriAldo Panzieri

also, Video Interview, Memoirs
Montage of Cartoons by Sidney WhiteSidney White
World War II

also, Photographs, Illustrated Memoir, Correspondence
Montage of Cartoons by Robert BindigRobert Bindig

World War II

also, Memoir, Photographs, Correspondence
Drawing by Carl HallCarl Hall
World War II

also, Illustrated Memoir
Other collections of interest:
William Barr (photographs)
Samuel Boylston (illustrated envelopes)
Richard Foss (drawings/watercolors)
Marion Gurfein ("Goofein" journals)
Charles Kelly (drawings)

Robert McClelland Martin (cartoons)
Robert Lee Olen (photographs)
Charles Restifo (photographs)
Tracy Sugarman (drawings/paintings)
William Whitehead
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