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Carl M. Marcy
Chief of Staff, Senate Foriegn Relations Committee

Senator J. William Fulbright holds the record as the longest serving chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee (fifteen years, from 1959 to 1974), but Carl Marcy served for eighteen years as the committee's chief of staff (from 1955 to 1973). For most of that time their service overlapped, and Marcy's recollections are in large part the story of Fulbright's impact on the committee, during the presidencies of Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. It was a period in which the bipartisan consensus in foreign policy unraveled and the gap between Congress and the White House widened steadily, most notably over the war in Vietnam. No longer completely trusting the executive branch as a source of information, the committee expanded its staff during Marcy's tenure as chief of staff and pursued more vigorous oversight of the policy makers.

Table of Contents:
1) The Early Years
2) Tom Connally and the Foreign Relations Committee
3) The Senate Foreign Relations, Walter George and Theodore Green
4) Fulbright and Kennedy
5) Fulbright Breaks with Johnson
6) Hawks and Doves
7) Nixon and Kissinger
8) Leaving the Committee
Carl M. Marcy
Citation: Scholarly citation: "Carl M. Marcy, Chief of Staff, Foreign Relations Committee, 1955-1973," Oral History Interviews, Senate Historical Office, Washington, D.C.
Deed of Gift: I, Carl M. Marcy, do hereby give to the Senate Historical Office the tape recordings and transcripts of my interviews between September 14 and November 16, 1983. I authorize the Senate Historical Office to use the tapes and transcripts in such manner as may best serve the educational and historical objectives of their oral history program. I also approve the deposit of the transcripts at the Library of Congress, the Senate Library, and any other institution which the Senate Historical Office may deem appropriate. In making this gift, I voluntarily convey ownership of the tapes and transcripts to the public domain. Carl M. Marcy Accepted on behalf of the Senate Historical Office by: Richard A. Baker

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