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Francis J. Attig
Senate Recorder of Debates

As a reporter of debates on the Senate floor, Frank Attig observed the oratorical styles and idiosyncrasies of senators from the 1950s to the 1970s. His was an unusual view of the Senate, literally from the center of floor activities. He was responsible to every senator for the accuracy of their recorded remarks, and to the traditions of the Senate for observing decorum and proper language in the written record (even if forgotten in the spoken debate). Throughout each session until 1974, Attig was present, observing, listening, and recording the proceedings for history.

Table of Contents:
Interview 1
Citation: Scholarly citation: "Francis J. Attig, Official Reporter of Debates," Oral History Interviews, Senate Historical Office, Washington, D.C.
Deed of Gift: I, Francis J. Attig, do hereby give to the Senate Historical Office the tape recording and transcript of my interview on April 5, 1978. I authorize the Senate Historical Office to use the tapes and transcripts in such a manner as they may determine useful to the education and historical objectives of their oral history program. I also approve the deposit of the transcripts at the Library of Congress and any other institution which the Senate Historical Office may deem appropriate, pursuant to the same restrictions. In making this gift, I voluntarily convey ownership of the tapes and transcripts to the public domain. Francis J. Attig December 1, 1978 Accepted on behalf of the Senate historical office by: Richard A. Baker December 1, 1978

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