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There is an announcement list for the Cataloging Distribution Service (CDS). It is used to send out CDS product announcements and other news from LC's supplier of bibliographic services and solutions. You can join and leave this list at any time by following the directions below. All mailing list functions can be performed via email or by using a web interface. Please note: This is an announcement list only.


In order to use the web interface to join or leave a list, change your list settings or post a message, you must first create a password for your mailing list account.

Create or change your mailing list password (even if you have forgotten your password)

After you have selected your password, you will receive a confirmation notice by email. Your new password will not take effect until you have responded to this confirmation notice.

CDSNews Announcement List

The "cdsnews" announcement list is available in both regular and digest form. Every time a new message is sent to cdsnews, it is forwarded to all list subscribers. Alternately, you can receive the messages in a single daily message. In that case, all of the messages that have been sent to the list in the past 24 hours are combined and mailed to you as a single email. That way, you receive a single email instead of several separate messages.

In order to receive the cdsnews list in digest form, you must already be a subscriber. Once you have subscribed, you can select the digest option using either the web interface (using the "change settings" link, below) or by sending the appropriate command via email (see below).

Accessing the CDSNews announcement list using the web interface

Using the CDSNews announcement list using email

To join the list, send the following email message to, substituting your name in the appropriate spot:

subscribe cdsnews YOURNAME

To leave the list, send the following email message to

signoff cdsnews

To receive the desktop list in digest form, send the following email message to

set cdsnews digest

To receive a help file that shows all list commands, send the following email message to


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