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Assistance for new customers
The Photoduplication Service provides expanded access to the collections of the Library of Congress through a wide variety of high quality reproduction services. These services are designed to meet the needs of scholars, publishers, libraries, institutions, researchers, and the general public for photocopies, photographs, microfilm, or digital copies of materials in the Library of Congress. All material is copied in accordance with U.S. copyright law and other restrictions. The Library's Photoduplication Service receives no appropriated funds and must recover the cost of providing reproduction products and services by charging fees.

Instructions for ordering reproductions

  1. Please note: All orders for photographic, photocopy, and microfilm reproductions must include the items' CALL NUMBER and/or REPRODUCTION NUMBER. Digital Imaging Services must include the DIGITAL ID.

    In general, orders must be accompanied by reproduction numbers or call numbers that are used to identify the material being ordered. Reproduction numbers and call numbers are often included in online catalogs and publications. When the necessary reproduction numbers or call numbers are not found via these means, the numbers must be identified through research by the customer or by requesting the research services of the reading room that has custody of the material.

  2. Choose the order form specifically designed for your request, order forms can be downloaded from our website. Fax, mail or e-mail your request to:

    Library of Congress
    Photoduplication Service
    101 Independence Ave, S.E.
    Washington, DC 20540-4570

    Fax:: 202-707-1771
    E-mail: photoduplication@loc.gov

  3. For questions about your order, call the Information Service Unit at:
    Telephone: (202)707-5640
    Mon-Fri (except Federal holidays) 8:30 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.

  4. Your order can be placed or picked up in person at:
    The Library of Congress
    John Adams Building - (Independence and 2nd Street)
    Room LA-128
    8:30 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.; Mon-Fri

Please Note.
No returns, refunds, or exchanges after 30 days.

Rush Orders
Call Information Service Unit at (202)707-5640.
The Photoduplication Service also offers its customers a rush service option. Using RUSH service, orders completed in 10 business days. This service is available for an additional fee. Also, please specify your SHIPPING option--next day courier, priority mail, etc.

Services Requiring Additional Charges
ADDITIONAL CHARGES apply to handling items such as daguerreotypes, encapsulated material, bound material requiring slipsheeting to prevent bleed-through of text, etc. masking to delete portions, grouping separate materials for one exposure, handling material which cannot be brought to the photographic lab. Fees are based on time needed to perform the task.

Reproduction from stereos will be photographed as double images unless a cropping fee is paid.

Cropping: For negatives, add 50% of the negative price.
For black and white prints, add 100% of the basic print price.

A $14.00 PROCESSING AND RESEARCH FEE will be charged for negatives prepared from each reel of microfilm.

A $22.00 HANDLING FEE will be added to your order if the original material is deemed to be rare and can only be handled in the Photographic Section for an extremely short period of time.

A $40.00/hr. FEE will be added to your order for digital images consisting of more than one part, or scan, to be joined into one (1) complete image.

Orders for negatives made from an existing negative must include the price of an 8" ×10" print.

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  United States Outside the U.S.
Up to $40.00 $12.00 $23.00
$40.01 - $100.00 $17.00 $33.00
$101.01 - $200.00 $22.00 $45.00
$200.01 - $300.00 $29.00 $58.00
Over $300.00 10% of the value of the order 20% of the value of the order

Most packages are shipped by FedEx 2-day service unless otherwise specified by customer. There is a $3.00 handling fee for pick-ups by customers.

All orders shipped within the US, Canada, and Mexico are subject to the following order and processing, packaging and shipping fees.

Shipping and handling charges for all other orders will be computed total dollar amount. All orders are packed by hand to ensure that they reach you in the best possible condition.

Orders requiring several different types of products (e.g., both black-and-white prints and color transparencies) will be divided into separate shipments to expedite processing.

Most orders are delivered to your door anywhere in the United States in 6-8 business weeks. If you have not received your product within 8 business weeks, please contact us at photoduplication@loc.gov.

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Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), or money order drawn on a U.S. bank. International money orders and UNESCO coupons are also accepted.

A formal purchase order will be accepted from domestic institutions and government organizations only. A $5.00 billing fee will be added to the cost of the order.

Checks and money orders must be drawn on a U.S. bank and made payable to Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.

Customers paying by credit card or who have a deposit account with the Photoduplication Service may order by fax at 202-707-1771 or e-mail us at photoduplication@loc.gov.

Many regular patrons prefer to establish deposit accounts with the Photoduplication Service. Deposit accounts require an initial $250.00 deposit. Rates and conditions of the Service's general price schedule apply. Separate minimum charges (plus mailing fees, unless otherwise indicated) apply to each type reproduction.

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