Photocopy Services


This fee covers order processing, item identification and retrieval, and cost estimate and is charged for each item requested.


$14.00 per item

Each additional item or volume with the same title in the same order

Black & White Photocopy
Photocopies (per exposure) $.50
Minimum charge per order $12.00
Foldout charts or other variations in material format that require reduction and/or filming in parts, per exposure $2.00
Oversized copies $5.00 per linear foot

Color Photocopy
Text/color material overall size not exceeding:
8" x 11" Per Exposure
11" x 17" Per Exposure
Minimum Charge Per Order
$2.50 $5.00 $12.00

Certifications $44.00 per certification, per 50 pages


Rush Photocopy Service

Rush service orders for photocopies are completed in 10 business days for an additional charge of 100% of the base price of the order. Orders for some material cannot be rushed.

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