President Bush at ground zero. Credit: Eric Draper/White House/Getty Images. Eric Draper/The White House/Getty Images

The Day That Defined A Presidency

Framing every policy in terms of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks became the theme of the Bush era.


Israeli Forces
Enter Gaza City

As Israeli troops engage in fierce gun battles with Palestinian fighters, cease-fire talks in Egypt make little progress. What's the next move?

Obama's Cabinet
Up For Approval

The Republicans "want to damage one nominee," says an expert. Is Eric Holder the target?

Local Organizers
Seek Unity, Leverage

One of their own, Barack Obama, is the new president. Now what? An NPR series makes an effort to find out.


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A Mory's cup. Credit: Courtesy of The Society of Orpheus and Bacchus

Fabled Yale Club Shuts Doors

Mory's, named in "Whiffenpoof Song," calls it quits after 160 years.

Helicopter training in California. Credit: JJ Sutherland/NPR

This Week: America's Broken Army

The military faces challenges as the ongoing wars strain resources.

Calypso Rose; courtesy of the artist

LIVE NOW | globalFEST 2009: Calypso Rose, Tanya Tagaq, And More

Twelve groups play in the annual showcase for emerging world music artists in New York City starting at 7 p.m. ET.


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Best CDs of 2008
All Tech Considered
Planet Money
Political Junkie
Best Books of 2008
Best Movies of 2008
Roland Burris before an appearance on 'Face the Nation.' Credit: Paul Beaty/AP

Burris Edges Closer To Senate Seat

Senate Democrats show growing sense of resignation that they will be forced to seat embattled Gov. Rod Blagojevich's pick to succeed President-elect Obama as junior senator from Illinois.


Memo To The President

FAA: Aging Controllers, Lax Rules Trouble Agency

The organization faces a retiring workforce and a long history of "cozy" industry involvement.

Young Muslim women in Berlin. Sean Gallup/Getty Images

German Minorities Fight
To Be Seen, Heard

In Germany, national identity is still linked to ethnicity, and nonwhites still face exclusion.

An adult male pink iguana on the rim of the Volcan Wolf crater on Isabela Island in the Galapagos. Credit: Gabriele Gentile/PA Wire

Science Out Of The Box

Galapagos Surprise Again With Pink Iguana

Twenty years after spotting the strange lizard, scientists have discovered its secret.


Is A Porn Bailout Necessary In Hard Times?

Porn mogul Larry Flynt says the adult entertainment industry needs help to weather the economic crisis.

Scott Simon.

Simon Says

Bench Seats For Illinois Political Theater

The idea that people in Illinois enjoy political corruption is a vicious stereotype. Mostly.

Ken Rudin.

Political Junkie

It's ScuttleButton

Since the last one was "too easy," this one is a bit tougher.

Freezepop. Credit: Frank Veronsky

Freezepop: Synth-Pop Revelry For The Xbox

The band owes much of their popularity to being featured in video games like Guitar Hero.

Michael Shereikis and Anna Mwalagho of Chopteeth . Credit: Glenda Kapsalis

Music Interviews

Chopteeth: Afro-Funk With Lunatic Energy

The 14-piece afrobeat orchestra blends rhythms from across the African continent, and then some.

Ethan Cutkosky in 'The Unborn. Photo: Peter Iovino/Rogue Pictures

Movie Reviews

'The Unborn': A Series Of Unblessed Events

What's that ticking? In this daft horror film, it's a singularly terrifying bio-historical clock — which can only be stopped by an ecumenical exorcism.

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