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American Treasures of the Library of Congress


The Library of Congress gratefully acknowledges the generous support of
The Document Company

which has made possible the unprecedented
American Treasures exhibition and this online presentation.

Credits for the Exhibition

Staff for the Exhibition


Abby Smith, Library Services
Cheryl Regan, Exhibition Director
Carroll Johnson-Welsh, Exhibition Director
Tracey Avant, Exhibition Specialist
Margaret Brown, Pam Steele, Exhibition Registrars

Interpretive Programs Office

Irene Burnham Chambers, Interpretive Programs Officer
Tambra Johnson, Exhibition Registrar
Debbie Durbek, Chris O'Connor, David Hayward, Gwynn Wilhelm, Martha Hopkins, Kimberli Curry, Denise Agee, Betsy N. Miller, Ken Stoken, Tony La Greca

Conservation Office

Tom Albro, Rikki Condon, Doris Hamburg

Staff Contributors

African & Middle Eastern Division

Michael Grunberger, Chris Murphy, Peggy Pearlstein

American Folklife Center

Judith Gray

Asian Division

Yoshiko Yoshimura

Children's Literature Center

Sybille Jagusch, Peggy Coughlan

Geography & Map

Ron Grim, John Hébert, Ed Redmond

Hispanic Division

Georgette Dorn, Ieda S. Wiarda

Humanities & Social Sciences

Sheridan Harvey, Dave Kelly

Law Library

Janice Hyde, Donald R. de Glopper

Manuscript Division

Alice Birney, Leonard C. Bruno, Adrienne Cannon, Gerard W. Gawalt, John E. Haynes, Marvin W. Kranz, John McDonough, Janice Ruth, John R. Sellers, David Wigdor,
Barbara Bair

Motion Picture, Broadcasting, & Recorded Sound Division

Samuel Brylawski, Patrick G. Loughney, Mike Mashon

Music Division

Robert E. Sheldon, Wayne Shirley, Raymond A. White, Patricia Willard, Vicky Risner, Walter W. Zvonchenko

Prints & Photographs Division

Maricia Battle, Katherine Blood, Beverly W. Brannan, Verna P. Curtis, Sara Duke, Carol Johnson, Harry L. Katz, Elena Millie, C. Ford Peatross

Serial & Government Publications Division

Lyle W. Minter, Travis Westly, Georgia Higley

Rare Book & Special Collections Division

Mark Dimunation, Clark Evans, Joan Higbee, Thomas Noonan, Rosemary Fry Plakas, Rob Shields, Dan de Simone, Gerald Wager

Credits for the Online Exhibition

Standard Version

Sally Livingston, Interpretive Programs Office
Jennifer Bride, Interpretive Programs Office
Betsy N. Miller, Interpretive Programs Office
Lynn Brooks, Information Technology Services
Ji Lydon, Information Technology Services
Domenic Sergi, Information Technology Services
Theron Taylor, Information Technology Services
Michael Smallwood, Information Technology Services
David Woodward, Information Technology Services
Elizabeth Miller, Network Development & MARC Standards Office, Library Services
Julie Mangin, Network Development & MARC Standards Office, Library Services
Pamela Wagner, National Digital Library Program
Melissa Smith Levine, assistance on Copyright information, National Digital Library Program

Credits for the Digital Image Scanning

Lynn Brooks, Michael Smallwood, Marvin Pace, Information Technology Services
Gene Roberts, Lynn Wojcik, Richard Antonisse, Geography & Map Division

Scanning was performed from positive images, transparencies, Photo-CD *, and original objects, using:
Pixelcraft 4625, 7650, and 8000 scanners;
IBM Pro/3000 scanning camera for images with prefix of 'uc' and 'vc';
Tangent large-format, flatbed color scanner

* Scan for Frank Lloyd Wright image performed by Luna Imaging, Venice, California

Critical Technology Support

Jane Mandelbaum, Lou Pizzoli, Charles Wright, Denis Arbruster,User Support, Information Technology Services
Kenneth Pittman, Earl Sutton, Ji Lyden, Tom Littlejohn, Systems Engineering, Information Technology Services
Fred Mintzer, Jack Lee, Oconel "OJ" Johnson, Frank Giordano, Joyce Barbour, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York

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