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Buffalo Soldiers: the 92nd in Italy (Experiencing War, Stories from the Veterans History Project, Library of Congress)
The term “buffalo soldiers” dates to post-Civil War conflicts with Indians who granted the honorific to an all-black cavalry outfit. Buffalo soldier units served in the Spanish-American War, World War I, and the Italian campaign of World War II, when elements of the 92nd Division were the only black units in that war to serve in combat. The road to Italy passed through various posts in the segregated South and Ft. Huachuca, an isolated Arizona outpost where the 92nd assembled for the final push. As featured in the novel and film Miracle at St. Anna, the 92nd distinguished themselves on the battlefield, disproving skeptics and earning an honored chapter in the history of World War II. Two years after the war ended, President Truman signed an order to desegregate the U.S. Armed Forces, closing the book on the buffalo soldiers.
Image: Isham George BentonIsham G. Benton
World War II

Audio Interview
Image: William C. BryantWilliam C. Bryant
World War II

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Image: Elvin DavidsonElvin V. Davidson
World War II

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Image: John C. Foster, Jr.John C. Foster, Jr.
World War II

Image: Luther E. HallLuther E. Hall
World War II

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Image: Robert P. MadisonRobert P. Madison
World War II

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Image: A. William PerryA. William Perry
World War II

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Image: Rothacker C. SmithRothacker C. Smith
World War II

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Image: Roscoe Tyson SpannRoscoe T. Spann
World War II

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