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Not everyone involved in the Normandy Invasion was slogging ashore on June 6. There were the airborne troops parachuting in, some even before the assault by sea began. And there were the officers who stayed aboard the giant ships and small landing craft to monitor progress of the invasion and offer whatever support was needed. The danger was great for all involved that day, but the stakes were too high to give in to fear.

Featured Story: Robert H. Powell
Image of Robet Powell

"Get some rest. We don't know when you're going to get any more."

As D-Day neared, veteran pilots like Robert Powell were approaching their 200-hour ceiling, after which they could go home. Desperate for experienced airmen to offer support for the ground troops, the Army extended his tour of duty, and Powell wound up strafing German positions at Normandy as well as anything moving along the roads -- the French had put out the word to residents to stay home those first few days. By war’s end, Powell had put in over 300 hours and walked away from one crash so horrible that his buddies were sure that he was dead.

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"We were exhausted and we were exultant. We had survived D-Day!"
-- Tracy Sugarman

Herbert Amstutz - story

"The things that you'll have to take care of in the Army..."

Herbert Menno Amstutz's story

Image of Carl Beck

"... we didn't get anything but a bell."

Carl D. Beck's story

Image of a quote from Arthur Klobe's Manuscript

"... made you feel that you were carrying the weight of the world."

Arthur H. Klobe's story

Image of Robert Huttemeyer

"... had there been a sixth, I wouldn't be typing this story."

Robert Huttemeyer's story

Image of Frank McKee

"Some guys went AWOL out of the hospital..."

Frank E. McKee's story

Image of James W. Bill Simpson

"When we heard the news everyone just went crazy..."

James W. "Bill" Simpson's story

Image of Tracey Sugarman and his wife

"Above all, I prayed that I would live to make you happy."

Tracy Sugarman's story

Image of Stanley Weinberg

"Things aren't as bad you make them in your letters..."

Stanley Weinberg's story

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