Portuguese Immigrants in the United States


Portuguese Immigrants in the United States was sponsored by the Luso-American Development Foundation. Bethany Letalien provided the research and assisted Tracy North, the Hispanic Division's Webmaster, in the project's web development. The project was completed under the direction of Georgette Dorn, Chief of the Hispanic Division. Special thanks go to Iêda Siqueira Wiarda, Luso-Brazilian Specialist, who provided countless suggestions and bibliographic references, as well as direction and moral support, despite the many other demands on her time.

Celebrating the Portuguese Communities in America: A Cartographic Perspective was presented by the Library of Congress and the Embassy of Portugal, June 10 - November 29, 1997 and has been made available online through the efforts of Tracy North. The original exhibition was made possible through the generous support not only of the Embassy of Portugal, but also of the Luso-American Development Foundation; Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities, Eng. José Lello; Mr. José João Morais, Newport Concrete, Inc.; and the cooperation of the Interpretive Programs Office and the Hispanic and Geography and Map Divisions of the Library of Congress. Special thanks go to Teresa Greenwald, Counselor, Embassy of Portugal, who coordinated these efforts.

Staff for the exhibition: Irene Chambers, Interpretive Programs Officer; Kimberli Curry and Giulia Adelfio, exhibit directors; Iêda Siqueira Wiarda and Ronald E. Grim, curators; Bethany Letalien and Monica DiGialleonardo, research assistance; Georgette Dorn, Ralph Enrenberg, and Elizabeth Mangan, administrative support; Gene Roberts, Colleen Stumbaugh, Lynn Wojcik, and Richard Antonisse, scanning assistance; Rikki Condon, conservation; the staff of the Printing Management Section; and the staff of the Interpretive Programs Office: Martha Hopkins, Deborah Durbeck, Tambra Johnson, Chris O'Connor, Denise Agee, Gwynn Wilhelm, Cheryl Regan, and Carroll Johnson.

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