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 Educational Resources

Neato Mosquito Curriculum Guide

Neato Mosquito: An Elementary Curriculum Guide

Neato MosquitoThis curriculum guide is designed to teach 4th grade students about mosquito biology and the prevention of La Crosse encephalitis.

The 66-page curriculum contains the following sections:

Lesson 1 - Life History of the Mosquito
Lesson 2 - Mosquitoes Suck: Feeding on Flower Nectar and Blood
Lesson 3 - the Circle of Life: Mosquito Ecology
Lesson 4 - Mosquitoes and Disease
Lesson 5 - Preventing La Crosse Encephalitis
Vocabulary List
Mosquito Math Problems
Top 10 Mosquito Fun Facts
The Balancing Mosquito
Crossword Puzzles
Mosquito Line Drawings
Description of all slides
24 Color images
to be used in the lessons (suitable for viewing on screen or projection)
"Life-Cycle of the Treehole Mosquito" QuickTime video (8 min. running time)


* Download the entire curriculum guideAbout PDF (zipped size 7 MB)
* Download the QuickTime video "Life-Cycle of the Treehole Mosquito" (zipped size 37 MB)
Warning: this file is extremely large!

Neato Mosquito: Interactive Lessons on CD-ROM

The Neato Mosquito Interactive Lessons program uses animation, video images, still images, interactive games, and student projects to enhance student/teacher access to information about mosquitoes and La Crosse encephalitis. In addition to the interactive program, the program includes the complete "Neato Mosquito Curriculum Guide" and QuickTime video "Life-Cycle of the Treehole Mosquito" described above, as well as full versions of the QuickTime player and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Download a copy of the complete Neato Mosquito Interactive Lessons program and associated files (zipped size 163 MB; warning: this file is extremely large!), OR contact the Public Health Foundation to order copies of the CD (phone: 1-877-252-1200).

For additional information about the Neato Mosquito program, contact:

Arboviral Diseases Branch
Division of Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
P.O. Box 2087
Fort Collins, CO 80521

Or contact us by email


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