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Arbovirus Contents
 General Information
 Fact Sheet
 Transmission and Maintenance Cycle
 Global Distribution
 Reported U.S. Cases
 Surveillance Guidelines

Aedes albopictus

Aedes japonicus

Images of Mosquito Vectors

 Specific Types
   Chikungunya Fever Fact Sheet

Eastern Equine Encephalitis Fact Sheet

Japanese Encephalitis

La Crosse Encephalitis Fact Sheet

NewSt. Louis Encephalitis site

Western Equine Encephalitis Fact Sheet

West Nile Virus

 Educational Resources

Neato Mosquito Curriculum Guide

Arboviral Encephalitides
* Information on Arboviral Encephalitides
* Fact Sheet: Arboviral Encephalitis
* Natural Transmission and Maintenance Cycle of Arboviral Encephalitis
* Global Distribution of Arboviral Encephalitides - Maps
* Arboviral Encephalitis Cases Reported, by Type, United States
* Guidelines for Arbovirus Surveillance in the United States
Arbovirus Vectors
* Information on Aedes albopictus
* Information on Aedes japonicus
* Images of Mosquito Vectors of Arboviruses
Specific Arboviral Encephalitides

Eastern Equine Encephalitis
* Fact Sheet: Eastern Equine Encephalitis
Japanese Encephalitis
* See the CDC Japanese Encephalitis Home Page
La Crosse Encephalitis
* Fact Sheet: La Crosse Encephalitis
St. Louis Encephalitis
* New! St. Louis Encephalitis site
Western Equine Encephalitis
* Fact Sheet: Western Equine Encephalitis
West Nile Virus Encephalitis
* See the CDC West Nile Virus Home Page
Educational Resources
Neato Mosquito"Neato Mosquito"
This resource on La Crosse encephalitis includes an elementary curriculum guide and an interactive CD-ROM program.
The treehole mosquito (Aedes triseriatus)
The treehole mosquito (Aedes triseriatus) transmits the virus that causes La Crosse encephalitis.


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