This project would not have been possible without the contributions of many people. Work on this project was primarily done by the National Digital Library team in the Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division at the Library of Congress consisting of Karen Lund, Judi Hoffman, and Hussein Hassan, as well as by Marc Dudley and Carl Fleischhauer of the National Digital Library Program core group.

The selection of motion pictures was made by Karen Lund and Judi Hoffman. Sound recordings were chosen by Karen Lund with the assistance of George Kipper, Neil Gladd, David Sager, and Sam Brylawski. The catalog records for both the motion pictures and sound recordings were created by Judi Hoffman.

The accompanying essays and timeline were researched and written by Karen Lund. The thumbnail images for the catalog records were created by Hussein Hassan. Digitization of the sound recordings was performed by Hussein Hassan with the assistance of Marc Dudley.

The web page was designed and created by Dominique Pickett and Tracey Salley.

Special thanks go to the following persons for reviewing and editing text: Jeff Finlay, Emily Baker, David Francis, Patrick Loughney, Sam Brylawski, Gene DeAnna, Carl Fleischhauer, George Kipper, Neil Gladd, David Sager, and James Wolf.

Our sincere gratitude also goes to: David Woodward of ITS; Dick Thaxter, David Francis, Patrick Loughney, Sam Brylawski, Allan McConnell, Larry Appelbaum, Ken Weissman, Jerry Hatfield, and Kim Tomadjoglou of M/B/RS; Martha Anderson, Melissa Levine, Liz Madden, Steve McCollum, and Barak Stussman of NDL; Tony Pierce of APLO; Connie Carter of the Science and Technology Division, Bob Rosenberg of the Thomas A. Edison Papers web site, Len Bruno of the Manuscripts Division, and Paul Spehr for advice regarding the Bibliography; and the staff of Roland House, Arlington, VA, and of Crawford Multimedia, Atlanta, GA. Our appreciation also goes to the Edison National Historic Site for kindly letting us use photographs from its collection and to the Theodore Roosevelt Association for allowing us to use 3 films.

Finally, this project acknowledges its debt to the thorough scholarship of film historian Charles Musser in his writings on Edison motion pictures, which are listed in the Bibliography. Musser has graciously allowed us to use the production order list of Edison films from his book, Edison Motion Pictures, 1890-1900: An Annotated Filmography, as a guideline for our own chronological list.

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