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Antibiotic / Antimicrobial Resistance
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About This Site

Drug resistance, more technically known as antimicrobial resistanceDefinition of antimicrobial resistance, is a growing concern among health professionals and others around the world.

This site is designed to provide both general and technical information about antimicrobial resistance.

It includes definitions and explanations, tips for preventing the spread of antimicrobial resistance, and general tips for reducing the spread of contagious (infectious) diseases. There are also links to related Web sites.

In addition, the site includes clinical guidelines, surveillance data, scientific publications, and internal and external links for more in-depth information.

An online glossary is available both through the left sidebar navigation and through the About the glossary symbol. The About the glossary symbol links to specific words or phrases in the glossary. You can return to the previous page by clicking the Back button on your browser.

Date: April 4, 2006
Content source: National Center for Preparedness, Detection, and Control of Infectious Diseases/Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion
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