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The Library established the ILS Program Office in to manage the implementation of an integrated library management system, thereby changing the computer platform used for daily library operations by approximately 3,000 LC staff.

The Library awarded a contract to Endeavor Information Systems, Inc., on May 15, 1998 for an integrated library management system. A copy of the "Request for Proposal" issued July 1997 is available via FTP from LC's public FTP site (hold down the shift key and click on this link to download):

To transition to the new LC ILS, 82 implementation teams were established involving approximately 560 staff throughout the Library. Their work was coordinated by the ILS Program Office through 6 Steering Groups, 9 Policy Groups, and 3 Technical Groups. See: Overview Chart -- (GIF or PDF).

In preparation for the ILS, staff completed the largest workstation and software roll-out and training program in the Library's history. Over 3,320 staff received new ILS equipment and training for the initial implementation. By October 1, 1999 all modules of the LC ILS were implemented, on time and under budget. The LC ILS includes Cataloging, Circulation, Acquisitions and Serials check-in modules, and the Online Public Access Catalog (Windows and Web versions), as well as the Media Module used to track assignment of research facilities.

The Library is also converting holdings information for its two largest manual files, the card shelflist and the serials check-in file. A contractor transferred holdings information from the sheet shelflist (2,200 portfolios of approximately 1,000,000 entries) as a preparatory step for converting holdings and location information for the main card shelflist. Staff concluded a series of pilots to test best approaches to card shelflist conversion and follow-on physical inventory (i.e., verifying existence of material, affixing a barcode, and linking to the appropriate LC ILS record).

Implementation teams submitted Business Process Improvement (BPI) suggestions as part of their team deliverables. These candidate BPI projects were forwarded to the Library Services Directors who selected the Circulation/Loan area for the first of the early pilots for Business Process Improvement (BPI) methodologies.

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