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Technical Information - Audio Playback

The literary recordings are offered in two formats, RealAudio and MP3.
These sound recording formats require special players, that are freely available over the Internet.

RealAudio Recordings
The recordings presented in the RealAudio format deliver sound faster, with a minimum of download time. To use RealAudio, you should have a 28.8 K-bps (kilobits per second) or faster Internet connection for your computer.

Note: RealAudio upgrades its players for improved performance. If you have trouble playing one of the recordings presented in RealAudio, try downloading the most recent version of the RealAudio player.

RealAudio Player Suggestion:
MP3 Recordings
The sound recordings are also offered in the MPEG 2, Layer 3 (MP3) format. MP3 offers high quality sound that comes close to the quality of WaveForm at greatly reduced file size. MP3 files download much faster than .wav files. Many popular audio players can play MP3 files.

Note: Some audio players that are not specifically designed to play MP3 files do not display the bibliographic information that resides in the ID3 v.2 tag of the .mp3 file.

MP3 Audio Players Suggestion:

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September 19, 2002

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