Cartoon America: A Library of Congress Exhibition


Exhibition Team in the Library of Congress

Irene Chambers, Chief, Interpretive Programs Office
Carroll Johnson-Welsh, Exhibition Director, Interpretive Programs Office
Sara Willett Duke, Co-curator, Prints and Photographs Division
Martha H. Kennedy, Co-curator, Prints and Photographs Division

Library of Congress Staff

Interpretive Programs Office
Denise Agee, Administrative Assistant
Deborah Durbeck, Production Officer
Christopher O’ Connor, Lead Exhibition Production Specialist
Tambra Johnson, Registrar
Betsy Nahum-Miller, Online Exhibition Coordinator
Kimberli Curry, Seth de Matties, Antonio La Greca, David Hayward, Martha Hopkins, Rachel Waldron,
Cheryl Regan, Patrick Shepler, Susan Mordan-White and Joan Flintoft

Other Offices
Susan Siegel, Development Office; Jeremy Adamson, Collections & Services; Ralph Eubanks, Publishing Office; Emily Vartanian, Office of the General Counsel; Gay Colyer, Kristi Finefield, Richard Herbert, Cathy Hoban, Phil Michel, John Minichino, Helena Zinkham, Lucia Rather, Pete Richey, Woody Woodis, Prints and Photographs Division; Kaare Chaffee, Conservation Office; Charles V. Stanhope, Donna Urschel, John Sayers, Public Affairs Office; Dorothy Gholston, Printing Management Section; Stanley Bandong, Graphic Arts Services Unit; Julie Mangin, Elizabeth Miller,
Network Development and MARC Standards

Special thanks to J. Arthur Wood, Jr., Harry Katz, and the researchers who assisted with the exhibition.

Exhibition and Brochure Design
Design 3, Orange, Virginia

Media Research
Sam Serafy

Cover image:
Image of Book Cover© Reserved by Richard A. Williams. Cover art for Cartoon America
(Mount Rushmore with cartoon characters Charlie Brown, Ignatz
Mouse, Zippy the Pinhead, and Popeye), 2006 Acrylic on canvas.
Commissioned by the Library of Congress (103)

Cartoon America: Comic Art in the Library of Congress, edited by Harry Katz.
Published by Harry N. Abrams Publishers in association with the Library of Congress, 2006. ISBN: 0-8109-5490-7

This companion volume to the exhibition features an essay by Art Wood that highlights his collection as well as the wealth of related Library holdings. It includes 275 full-color illustrations and is available from the Library of Congress Sales Shop and at Harry N. Abrams Publishers.

Cartoon America and its accompanying brochure are funded through the generous support of the Caroline and Erwin Swann Memorial Foundation for Caricature and Cartoon. The Art Wood Collection of Cartoon and Caricature came to the Library through a gift-purchase agreement made possible in part by a generous contribution from H. Fred Krimendahl II, a member of the Library’s Madison Council and the generosity of James Arthur Wood, Jr., who has continued to enhance the collection with annual gifts. The companion volume to the exhibition, also entitled Cartoon America: Comic Art in the Library of Congress (Abrams, 2006) features an essay by Art Wood that highlights his collection as well as the wealth of related Library holdings.