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Disinfection and Remediation Guidelines

These are Healthy Swimming recommendations for appropriate pool and spa disinfection as well as remediation after contamination events.

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General Disinfection

Your Disinfection Team (PDF icon PDF document, 23 KB)

Fecal Contamination of the Water

Hyperchlorination to kill Cryptosporidium (Revised August 2008) PDF icon (PDF, 50 KB)

Fecal Incident Response Recommendations for Pool Staff (Revised August 2008) PDF icon (PDF, 239 KB)

Notice to Readers: Revised Recommendations for Responding to Fecal Accidents in Disinfected Swimming Venues
February 15, 2008 / 57(06);151-152

Notice to Readers: Responding to Fecal Accidents in Disinfected Swimming Venues
May 25, 2001 / 50(20);416-417

Prevalence of Parasites in Fecal Material from Chlorinated Swimming Pools -- United States, 1999
May 25, 2001 / 50(20);410-412

Other Contaminants in the Water

Vomit and Blood Contamination in Pools (PDF icon PDF document, 55 KB)

Surface Contamination

Cleaning Up Body Fluid Spills on Pool Surfaces (PDF icon PDF document, 52 KB)

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