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National Recording Registry Criteria

The following criteria for the selection of recordings into the National Recording Registry are intended to be read broadly, so that as many recordings as possible will be eligible. Nominations will be referred to the National Recording Preservation Board and, ultimately, the Librarian of Congress, for selection.

How to Nominate Recordings to the Registry

Nominations are forwarded to the Librarian of Congress and the National Recording Preservation Board for their consideration.

Nominations must meet the Recording Registry Selection Criteria.

Individuals may submit up to ten Registry nominations per year.

All nominations should include the recording artist(s), title, and record label name/number for published recordings or a brief but specific description for unpublished and broadcast recordings.
Nominations should also include a very brief justification.

All recordings selected by the Librarian of Congress for inclusion in the Registry will be listed in the Federal Register, as required by law.

Due to the number of submissions anticipated, nominations will not be acknowledged.

We are continuously accepting nominations to the National Recording Registry. For each year's Registry we accept public nominations up to the date we can comfortably compile the results for the National Recording Preservation Board. As this date varies from year to year, nominations which come in after that date are rolled over to the next year. You may submit nominations via our online nomination form. You may also print this pdf file and mail or fax it to:

National Recording Preservation Board
c/o Motion Picture, Broadcasting & Recorded Sound Division
Library of Congress
101 Independence Avenue SE
Washington DC 20540-4698
Email: recregistry@loc.gov
Fax: (202) 707-8464

Given contamination-screening delays in USPS mail delivery to Capitol Hill, the submission of nominations by e-mail, FedEx, or UPS is preferred.

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