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Oran Sandel as Leonardo  da VinciLEONARDO'S WORKSHOP: The Invention, Art and Science of Leonardo da Vinci

Performed: April 14, 2003

The life and works of artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci continue to fascinate us because, while he exemplified the Italian Renaissance, he transcended his time and place, inventing things like a helicopter 500 years before the technology existed to build one. This performance invites you to visit the workshop of Leonardo’s mind where you can learn how a genius thinks.

Enough material has survived from his art works and notebooks to give us a picture of Leonardo as almost the singular embodiment of the Renaissance. His mastery of disciplines as diverse as painting, anatomy, engineering, and music were celebrated in his lifetime and have been the subject of fascination ever since. He called himself “unlettered” yet commanded the knowledge of the major scholarly works of the time, and anticipated a long list of later discoveries, especially in his mechanical inventions.

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