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The Endangered Music Project

From the Library of Congress, American Folklife Center, and Rykodisc
Produced by Mickey Hart and Alan Jabbour

"Our new technologies are part of a powerful civilization which is rapidly transforming the world around us. It changes the environment, often in ways that endanger the delicate ecologial balance nature has wrought over the millennia. It also brings radical change to other cultures... Sometimes that change is empowering. But all too often it endangers precious human ways of life, just as surely as it endangers the environment within which those ways of life flourish.... This series is dedicated to the hope that with education, empathy, and assistance, imperiled cultures can survive. Proceeds from the project will be used to support the performers and their cultures and to produce future releases."

-- Mickey Hart and Alan Jabbour, Director/American Folklife Center

The following titles were published by Rykodisc.

  • The Arthur S. Alberts Collection: More Tribal, Folk, and Cafe Music of West Africa
    (RCD/RAC 10401), released October 1998. Music of French Guinea, Liberia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, and Zaire.
  • The Yoruba/Dahomean Collection: Orishas Accross the Ocean
    (RCD/RAC 10405), released October 1998. Yoruba and Dahomean-influenced music of Brazil, Haiti, Cuba, and Trinidad.
  • The Discoteca Collection: Missão de Pesquisas Folclóricas
    (RCD/RAC 10403), released September 23, 1997. Music of Northeastern Brazil collected in 1938.
  • L. H. Corrêa de Azevedo: Music of Ceará and Minas Gerais
    (RCD/RAC 10404), released September 23, 1997. Music of Central and Northern Brazil collected in the early 1940s.
  • Music for the Gods: The Fahnestock South Sea Expedition, Indonesia
    (RCD/RAC 10315), released October 1994.
  • The Spirit Cries: Music of the Rainforests of South America & the Caribbean
    (RCD/RAC 10250), released March 1993.
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