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Bernstein in inscribed photograph.
descriptive record icon enlarge image icon Bernstein's inscription, written in November 1943, reads "To the New York Philharmonic Society in deepest gratitude for giving me my great opportunity/Sincerely, Leonard Bernstein/NYC-2/4/44." Photographer: Herman Landshoff. Published in January 1944 issue of Harper's Bazaar. (Music Division)
Leonard Bernstein and Artur Rodzinski.
descriptive record icon enlarge image icon Bernstein with conductor Artur Rodzinski, Stockbridge, Massachusetts, 1943. Photographer unidentified. (Music Division)
Leonard Bernstein sitting at a patio table.
descriptive record icon enlarge image icon Bernstein in Hollywood, 1944. Photographer unidentified. (Music Division)
Bernstein at the piano with eyes closed.
descriptive record icon enlarge image icon Bernstein, 1944. Photographer unidentified. (Music Division)