Joint Library Services / Copyright Office Reports

  • Report of the Joint Issue Group on Labelling (July 2002)

    The Library of Congress Joint Issue Group of Labelling (JIG-L), comprised of members from the Library Services and Copyright Divisions, in July 2002 produced a report on labelling, including labelling recommendations and a draft procedure manual. JIG-L’s charge was to make recommendations to improve and streamline the marking and labeling of all formats received by the Library Services Acquisitions Directorate and the Copyright Office. JIG-L sought to generate labels from Library databases, as opposed to keying, stamping, or handwriting, and to minimize the number of labels on any one piece. The group also realized the importance of adhering to preservation labeling standards.

    Virginia Kass, Copyright Security Manager, and Debra McKern, Program Director, Baseline Inventory Program were cochairs of the JIG-L group.

  • Report of the Joint Issue Group on Selection (February 2003)

    Library Services and the Copyright Office formed the Selection Joint Issue Group (JIG) in February 2002 to examine current selection practices. Creation of the JIG was based on the Copyright Office (CO) Business Process Reengineering (BPR) recommendation that CO assume some "routine" selection activities. The JIG reviewed current selection practices and identified areas where routine selection by CO is feasible. This report documents the Selection JIG's observations and recommendations.

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