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Preservation Supply Catalogue

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How Supplies Are Acquired

Frequently Asked Questions

Decision-Making Process for Housing: Paper Materials

Decision-Making Process for Housing: Photographic Materials

Guide to Photographic Formats

Issues for Photographic Materials

Preservation Microfilm


The purpose of the Preservation Supply Catalogue is to assist Divisions in selecting commonly used products for housing their collections. The Catalogue is divided into six sections according to material: Paper Stock, Card Stock, Board Stock, Mat Board, Polyester and Corrugated Board Stock. Each section illustrates the preservation supplies that the Directorate recommends. Information is given on possible uses and commonly used or available sizes of the listed products. Each of the products has a Library of Congress preservation specification which accompanies the order to guarantee the durability, construction and appropriate qualities required for long term storage. Products are identified in the catalog by name and page number. A Table of Contents lists the relevant page numbers for the desired materials. Care in reading the descriptions is essential to obtain exactly what is wanted because many items are similar. Important variations that must be specified include such things as thickness of card stock or polyester film to be used for folders; drop front on the "long" side or the "short" side of drop-front boxes; grain direction parallel or perpendicular to the fold in card stock folders; 2-, 4-, 6-, or 8-ply mat board; and choice of size. Divisions should consult their Preservation Office liaisons for assistance in selecting the most appropriate supplies.

Any suggestions for additions or improvements are welcome and should be addressed to Supply Team, Conservation Office, LM G-38, extension 7-1175, anro@loc.gov.

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