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Interpreting Search Results

If a search term is found in more than one finding aid, a results screen will indicate the number of finding aids containing that term and will list the finding aids. The list gives the title of the finding aid, identifies the custodial unit within the Library of Congress that holds the collection, and states the size of the collection and the file size of the finding aid. The list order is based on relevancy ranking criteria.

If multiple search terms are entered, the results screen reveals how many finding aids contain those words in the exact order in which they were entered (as a phrase); how many contain the words near each other; how many contain all of the words but not near each other; and how many contain any of the words. The list order is based on relevancy ranking criteria.

If a search returns only one finding aid, the full text of that finding aid will automatically be displayed. Links to the outline view (using frames) and to a PDF view for printing are available.

When a finding aid is displayed, the terms searched will be highlighted. These terms can be located by scrolling through the finding aid, or by performing a new search within the document using the web browser.

Selecting a View

Note the following when deciding among the outline view with frames, full view unframed, and PDF versions of the finding aids:

Navigating the Finding Aid

Full HTML (non-framed view)

PDF View

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