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IFLA Core Program for Preservation and Conservation (PAC)

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The IFLA Core Program on Preservation and Conservation (PAC) was officially created in 1984 during the IFLA meeting in Nairobi, and then formally launched at the Vienna conference in 1986. The PAC core program was designed to operate through an international center, or Focal Point, currently hosted by the Bibliothèque nationale de France, which in turn coordinates activities managed by several regional centers.

The Washington Center has coordinated the formation of an IFLA Preservation and Conservation North American Network. The network consists of the following institutions and representatives:

Cornell University Barbara Berger Eden (607) 255-5291
Harvard University Jan Merrill-Oldham (617) 495-7657
Johns Hopkins University Sonja Jordan-Mowery (410) 516-4383
Library of Congress Dianne van der Reyden (202) 707-5213
Library and Archives of Canada Pierre Gamache (819) 953-7701
National Archives and Records Administration Doris Hamburg (301) 713-6719
National Park Service Al Levitan (304) 535-6139
New York Public Library Evelyn Frangakis (212) 930-0644
Pepperdine University Mark Roosa (310) 506-4252
Smithsonian Institution Eliza Gilligan (202) 633-4713
University of Texas - Austin Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa (512) 471-8287
University of Utah Randy Silverman (801) 585-6782
Yale University Roberta Pilette (203) 432-1714


A complete list of international regional centers are listed below.

Beijing National Library of China
Canberra National Library of Australia
Cape Town University Library of Cape Town
Caracas Biblioteca Nacional de Venezuela
Moscow Library of Foreign Literature
Port of Spain National Library and Information System Authority of Trinidad and Tobago
Porto Nova National Library of Benin
Rio de Janeiro Fundacao Biblioteca Nacional de Brasil
Santiago Biblioteca Nacional de Chile
Tokyo National Diet Library
Washington Library of Congress
The International Centre in Paris (Bibliothèque nationale de France) acts as the Regional Centre for Western Europe, Middle East and Africa


Institutions throughout the world have benefited from PAC assistance and guidance, both at the practical and at the policy level. The PAC core program operates under the following principles:

In addition to its participation in a wide variety of workshops and conferences throughout the world and its relations with an equally wide variety of international cultural agencies, PAC activities of the past decade have resulted in a strong education and publications program.

The Library of Congress, as the center for North America, plays an active role in IFLA PAC activities by doing the following:

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