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Standing Committee on Standards
PCC PoCo Meeting
November 6-7, 2008


Diane Boehr, NLM Ann Caldwell, Brown
Renette Davis, Univ. of Chicago Peter Fletcher, UCLA
Joe Kiegel, Univ. of Washington David Miller, PoCo Liaison
Dave Reser, LC Liaison Joan Schuitema, UIC (Chair)
Ann Sitkin, Harvard Law Jay Weitz, OCLC Liaison


  • Recruited 2 new members: Ann Caldwell, Renette Davis
  • Established 4 new PCC task groups (see below)
  • Drafted an new charge that was reviewed by the PCC membership and submitted to Steering for approval on 10/08/08
  • Updated the "Guidelines for Multiple Character Sets" in core records as recommended in the report of the ALCTS Task Force on Non-English Access. The revision was approved by Steering and has been posted on the PCC website.
  • Discussed the recommendations of the PCC Ad Hoc Series Review Task Force and were exploring alternative options at the time Steering announced their decision.
  • Approved guidelines for coding series information in PCC records in light of the MARBI decision to make the 440 obsolete; expected to be implemented by the end of October.
  • Drafting proposed guidelines for creating post-cataloging series authority records; first draft to be completed by the end of October.


  • Joint LC/PCC LCRI/RDA Task Group
    • Membership:
      • Sherman Clarke, NYU
        Renette Davis, SCS rep
        Bob Hiatt, LC
        Bob Maxwell, BYU
        Hideyuki Morimoto, Columbia (Starr East Asian Library)
        Adam Schiff, Univ. of Washington
    • Status: A chart of all of the LCRIs and corresponding RDA rules has been created. Each person on the task force has volunteered to take several former AACR2 chapters and compare the LCRIs for those chapters with the corresponding RDA rules. They will be indicating on the chart which LCRIs should be retained in full, which should be retained but revised, and which can be omitted. Work will begin as soon as the RDA draft is released in October.

  • Task Group on the Internationalization of the Authority Files
    • Membership:
      • Eric Childress, OCLC
        Peter Fletcher, SCS
        Joe Kiegel, SCS
        Bill Leonard, Library and Archives Canada
        Joan Schuitema, SCS (co-chair)
        Barbara Tillett, LC (co-chair)
    • Status: This group is currently reviewing existing models for an international authority file and will identify the pros/cons of each in terms of feasibility for PCC participation. Review of PCC governance documents as well as previous recommendations PCC has made concerning international participation is also underway. Target date for completion of the group's report remains 01/15/09.

  • Provider-Neutral E-Monograph Record Task Group
    • Membership:
      • Becky Culbertson (UC San Diego, Co-Chair)
        Robert Bremer (OCLC, technical)
        Jackie Dooley (Head, Special Collections and Archives, U. of Calif. Irvine)
        Kate Harcourt (Columbia, education, PCC MARC Vendor Guide TF chair)
        Anne Harris (ebrary, vendor/publisher community)
        Ryan Hildebrand (University of California Irvine, rare books)
        Claudia Horning (UCLA, repository copies of ebooks, nonmetadata/cataloger)
        Yael Mandelstam (Fordham, law cataloging)
        Shana McDanold (UPenn, advisor from serials community)
        George Prager (NYU Law, Co-Chair, special libraries community)
        Dave Reser (LC, CPSO)
        Karen Sinkule (National Library of Medicine)
        Carolyn Sturtevant (LC, ex-officio)
        Larissa Walsh (UChicago, digital registry community)
        Susan Westberg (OCLC, Googlebooks, mass digitization community)
    • Status: This task group has been charged with developing a provider-neutral cataloging model for a single bibliographic record that could be used for all the instances of an online monograph. They plan to deliver their final report along with a set of guidelines and an FAQ to SCS by 10/17/08.

  • Task Force on Non-Latin Script Cataloging Documentation
    • Status: Following up on the recommendation II.3 of the Task Force on Non-English Access. Rev. Mar 16, 2007, "to review and update the core level supplement on 'Guidelines for Multiple Character Sets,'" SCS discovered this was only one of many documents needing revision. During the May 2008 OpCo meetings, a recommendation was made to form a PCC task force to produce documentation for entering non-Latin scripts in PCC bibliographic records. SCS is finalizing the draft charge which should be sent to Steering for approval by the end of October. A list of potential members has also been identified.


  • Will PCC be drafting a formal response to the report of the LC Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control?
  • What role will PCC play in testing RDA and how will a decision be made as to whether PCC will/won't adopt RDA?
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  November 25, 2008
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