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OCT. 2007-SEPT. 2008

Activities: The Committee's basic activity for the year was review of its charge. This included planning for, gathering, and incorporating feedback from its constituency. Direct feedback was gathered at the BIBCO/CONSER operations meeting in May with additional comment sought via email to the various PCC lists after ALA annual. In the end, the Committee determined its charge required no revision.

Meetings: The Committee met at both ALA midwinter and annual conferences. Its primary business at both meetings was a review of the Committee's charge as charged by the Steering Committee. At annual, the Committee additionally discussed software updating issues with the PCC BibPURL server and the potential for expanding the use of BibPURLs from just open access resources to include licensed resources as well. The Committee agreed on the fact that the current environment is in too high level of flux, e.g. WorldCat local developments, to consider expanding the use of BibPURLs at this time. With regards to the software updating issue, the Committee learned that OCLC is upgrading its PURL software, but because it runs on a different machine, not the PCC BibPURL software. As PCC members derive significant benefit from the centralized management of BibPURLs, PCC members sought support from the Committee in asking OCLC to include the PCC BibPURL server in its upgrading plans. The consensus among the SCA was that direct communication from the PCC leadership, PoCo, to OCLC requesting an upgrade to the PCC BibPURL software, would best communicate the importance of this service to the PCC membership.

Membership: Last year the PCC Steering Committee charged the SCA Chair with increasing the membership of the Committee by adding two new members in each of the years 2007/08 and 2008/09 so as to bring its size up to the level of the other standing committees. For 2007/08, Gary Charbonneau accepted a one-year extension of his term. For 2008/09, a call for volunteers was issued and from a pool of three applicants, Rebecca Lubas was selected and appointed, with a term to end Sept. 30, 2011. On Sept. 30, 2008, Charbonneau's extended term ended and in addition, Gary Strawn's term ended as well; both were reappointed. Because of the timing of these appointments, these three members now have terms that end Sept. 30, 2011. For the full picture, note that Committee member Bob Thomas and Committee Chair Adolfo Tarango's terms end Sept. 30, 2010. In order to better space out the appointments of members and Chair, we ask the Steering Committee to approve the following:

  1. Extend Thomas' term by one year, to expire Sept. 2011 (same as Lubas)
  2. Extend Charbonneau and Strawn's terms by one year, to expire Sept. 2012

The net result is creation of a three year appointment rotation of 2 members, 2 members, Chair.

Respectfully submitted,
Adolfo R. Tarango
Chair - PCC Standing Committee on Automation
October 28, 2008

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  November 25, 2008
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