Adjustment or Determination of Compulsory License Rates for Making and Distributing Phonorecords

(Docket 2006-3, CRB DPRA)

Trial Information

The trial to determine the reasonable rates and terms for making and distributing phonorecords has concluded. The direct phase of the case took place from January 28, 2008, through February 26, 2008. The rebuttal phase took place from Tuesday, May 6, 2008, through Wednesday, May 21, 2008. Finally, closing arguments took place on July 24, 2008. The proceeding is now adjourned.

The Judges will issue their determination on or before October 2, 2008.

List of Participants

Listed below are participants and documents submitted for the proceeding. For further information, see Federal Register notice 71 FR 1454 , issued January 9, 2006.

Royalty Logic, Inc.
Songwriters Guild of America
Copyright Owners (the National Music Publishers' Association, Inc.; the Songwriters Guild of America, and the Nashville Songwriters Association International)
Apple Computer, Inc.
America Online, Inc.
RealNetworks, Inc.
Napster, LLC
Sony Connect, Inc.
Digital Media Association and Its Member Companies
Yahoo! Inc.
MusicNet, Inc.
MTV Networks, Inc.
Recording Industry Association of America, Inc.

Documents Submitted

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Party Documents
Digital Media Association and Its Member Companies
(AOL, LLC; Apple Computer, Inc.; MusicNet, Inc.; Napster, LLC; RealNetworks, Inc.; and Yahoo! Inc.)
Introductory Memorandum (Amended 4/10/07)
Jonathan Potter Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
Kyle Johnson Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
Eddy Cue Testimony (Corrected 10/15/08)
Alan McGlade Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
Laura Goldberg Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
Timothy Quirk Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
Margaret E. Guerin-Calvert Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
Recording Industry Association of America

Written Direct Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)

Glen Barros Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
Victoria Bassetti Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
Richard Boulton Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
Andrea Finkelstein Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
Colin Finkelstein Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
David Hughes Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
Michael Kushner Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
Tom Mackay Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
Linda McLaughlin Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
David Munns Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
Michael Pollack Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
J.J. Rosen Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
Cary Sherman Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
Geoffrey Michael Taylor Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
David Teece Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)
Ron Wilcox Testimony (Amended 4/10/07)


Exhibit A-101-DP
Exhibit A-102-DP
Exhibit A-103-DP
Exhibit A-104-DP
Exhibit A-105-DP
Exhibit A-106-DP
Exhibit A-107-DP
Exhibit A-108-DP
Exhibit A-109-DP
Exhibit A-110-DP
Exhibit A-111-DP
Exhibit A-112-DP
Exhibit A-113-DP
Exhibit A-114-DP
Exhibit A-115-DP
Exhibit A-116-DP
Exhibit A-117-DP
Exhibit A-118-DP
Exhibit A-119-DP
Exhibit A-120-DP
Exhibit A-121-DP
Exhibit A-122-DP
Exhibit A-123-DP
Exhibit A-124-DP
Exhibit A-125-DP
Exhibit C-101-DP
Exhibit C-102-DP (Amended 4/10/07)
Exhibit C-103-DP
Exhibit C-104-DP
Exhibit C-105-DP
Exhibit C-106-DP
Exhibit C-107-DP
Exhibit C-108-DP
Exhibit C-109-DP
Exhibit C-110-DP
Exhibit C-111-DP
Exhibit C-112-DP
Exhibit C-113-DP
Exhibit C-114-DP
Exhibit C-115-DP (Amended 4/10/07)
Exhibit C-116-DP
Exhibit C-117-DP
Exhibit C-118-DP
Exhibit C-119-DP
Exhibit C-120-DP
Exhibit D-101-DP
Exhibit D-102-DP
Exhibit D-103-DP
Exhibit D-104-DP
Exhibit D-105-DP
Exhibit D-106-DP
Exhibit E-101-DP
Exhibit E-102-DP
Exhibit F-101-DP
Exhibit F-102-DP
Exhibit F-103-DP
Exhibit F-104-DP
Exhibit F-105-DP
Exhibit I-101-DP
Exhibit I-102-DP
Exhibit I-103-DP
Exhibit J-101-DP
Exhibit J-102-DP
Exhibit J-103-DP
Exhibit J-104-DP
Exhibit J-105-DP
Exhibit J-106-DP
Exhibit J-107-DP
Exhibit J-108-DP
Exhibit J-109-DP
Exhibit J-110-DP
Exhibit J-111-DP
Exhibit K-101-DP
Exhibit K-102-DP
Exhibit L-101-DP
Exhibit L-102-DP
Exhibit L-103-DP
Exhibit N-101-DP
Exhibit N-102-DP (Amended 4/10/07)
Exhibit N-103-DP
Exhibit N-104-DP
Exhibit N-105-DP
Exhibit N-106-DP
Exhibit N-107-DP
Exhibit N-108-DP
Exhibit N-109-DP
Exhibit N-110-DP
Exhibit N-111-DP
Exhibit N-112-DP
Exhibit N-113-DP
Exhibit N-114-DP
Exhibit N-115-DP
Exhibit N-116-DP

David J. Teece Exhibits

Exhibit O-101-DP
Exhibit O-102-DP
Exhibit O-103-DP
Exhibit O-104-DP
Exhibit O-105-DP (Amended 4/10/07)
Exhibit O-106-DP
Exhibit O-107-DP (Amended 4/10/07)
Exhibit O-108-DP
Exhibit O-109-DP (Amended 4/10/07)
Exhibit O-110-DP
Exhibit O-111-DP (Amended 4/10/07)
Exhibit O-112-DP
Exhibit O-113-DP (Amended 4/10/07)
Exhibit O-114-DP
Exhibit O-115-DP
Exhibit O-116-DP (Amended 4/10/07)
Exhibit O-117-DP
Exhibit O-118-DP
Exhibit O-119-DP
Exhibit O-120-DP
Exhibit O-121-DP
Exhibit O-122-DP
Exhibit O-123-DP
Exhibit O-124-DP
Exhibit O-125-DP
Exhibit O-126-DP
Exhibit O-127-DP
Exhibit O-128-DP
Exhibit O-129-DP
Exhibit O-130-DP
Exhibit O-131-DP
Exhibit O-132-DP
Exhibit O-133-DP
Exhibit O-134-DP (Amended 4/10/07)
Exhibit O-135-DP (Amended 4/10/07)
Exhibit O-136-DP
Exhibit O-137-DP (Amended 4/10/07)
Exhibit O-138-DP (Amended 4/10/07)
Exhibit O-139-DP (Amended 4/10/07)
Exhibit O-140-DP (Amended 4/10/07)
Exhibit O-141-DP (Amended 4/10/07)
Exhibit O-142-DP
Exhibit O-143-DP
Exhibit O-144-DP (Amended 4/10/07)
Exhibit O-145-DP
Exhibit O-146-DP
Exhibit O-147-DP
Exhibit O-148-DP (Amended 4/10/07)
Exhibit O-149-DP (Amended 4/10/07)
Exhibit O-150-DP

All RIAA documents in ZIP file  (large file: 225 Mb)



Party Rebuttal Documents
Copyright Owners

Amended Proposed Rate and Terms

Proposed Findings of Fact
Proposed Conclusions of Law
Reply Proposed Conclusions of Law
Final Reply Public
Findings Public Final
Proposed Regulations

Kevin Murphy
Jeremy Fabinyi
Judith Finell
William M. Landes
Alfred C. Pedecine
Roger Faxon
Ketan Mayer-Patel
Public Index


Amended Proposed Rate and Terms

Draft Regulations
Proposed Conclusions of Law
Proposed Conclusions of Law exhibit-01
Proposed Conclusions of Law exhibit-02
Proposed Conclusions of Law exhibit-03
Proposed Findings of Fact

Eddie Cue
Alexander Kirk - corrected
Timothy Quirk
Alan McGlade
Dan Sheeran
Margaret Guerin-Calvert


Amended Proposed Rate and Terms

Finding of Facts
Conclusions of Law

Steven Wildman
Daniel Slottje
Terri Santisi
Scott Pascucci
Andrea Finkelstein
Robert Emmer
Mark Eisenberg
Bruce Benson
David Alfaro

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