Guideline for Preventing Healthcare-Associated Pneumonia

This report updates, expands, and replaces the previously published CDC "Guideline for
Prevention of Nosocomial Pneumonia”. The new guidelines are designed to reduce the incidence of health-care-associated pneumonia and other severe, acute lower respiratory tract infections in acute-care hospitals and in other health-care settings (e.g., ambulatory and long-term care institutions) and other facilities where health care is provided.

Guideline for Preventing Healthcare-Associated Pneumonia

Name Date Type Size
Complete document: Part I/II/III Background, Recommendations and Performance Indicators 5/04 PDF 811KB / 179 pages
As published in MMWR (March 2004): Part II/III - Recommendations and Performance Indicators* 3/04 PDF 452KB / 40 pages

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*Does not contain Part I-Scientific background section or a complete reference list.

Date last modified: May 11, 2004
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Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion (DHQP)
National Center for Preparedness, Detection, and Control of Infectious Diseases

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