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Title:         Butterfield 8 / Afton-Linebrook Productions ;
                  director, Daniel Mann ; producer, Pandro S. Berman ;
                  screenplay, Charles Schnee, John Michael Hayes.
Published:     United States : Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1960.
Description:   14 reels of 14 on 7 (ca. 9810 ft.) : sd., col. ; 35
                  mm. ref print.
LC Call No.:   FGB 3617-3623 (ref print)
Notes:         Copyright: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc. & Afton-Linebrook
                  Productions; 6Oct60; LP17542
               Photography, Joseph Ruttenberg ; music, Bronislau
                  Kaper ; editor, Ralph E. Winters ; costumes, Helen
               Elizabeth Taylor (Gloria Wandrous), Laurence Harvey
                  (Weston Liggett), Eddie Fisher (Steve Carpenter),
                  Dina Merrill (Emily Liggett), Mildred Dunnock (Mrs.
                  Wandrous), Betty Field (Mrs. Fanny Thurber), Jeffrey
                  Lynn (Bingham Smith), Kay Medford (Happy), Susan
                  Oliver (Norma), George Voskovec (Dr. Tredman).
               A drama about a New York model who finds that her
                  reputation as a prostitute is responsible for
                  bringing to an end her promising romance with a
                  young married executive.
               Summary quoted from M/B/RS preliminary shelflist card,
                  PREMARC, LCCN Fi62-2.
               Metrocolor. Cinemascope.
               Based on the novel of the same title by John O'Hara.
               Source(s) used: 1) M/B/RS preliminary shelflist card,
                  PREMARC, LCCN Fi62-2 2) Ross & Nash's The motion
                  picture guide, 1927-1983, p. 322.
               Received: 9/8/61; ref print; copyright deposit;
                  Copyright Collection.
Subjects:      Mistresses -- Drama.
               Prostitution -- Drama.
               Adultery -- Drama.
               Drama. mim
               Features. mim
               Adaptations. mim
Other authors: Mann, Daniel, 1912-1991, direction.
               Berman, Pandro S., 1905-1996, production.
               Schnee, Charles, 1916-1963, writing.
               Hayes, John Michael, 1919-2008, writing.
               Kaper, Bronislaw, 1902-1983, music.
               Taylor, Elizabeth, 1932- cast.
               Harvey, Laurence, cast.
               Fisher, Eddie, cast.
               Merrill, Dina, cast.
               Dunnock, Mildred, cast.
               Field, Betty, 1918-1973, cast.
               Lynn, Jeffrey, 1909-1995, cast.
               Medford, Kay, cast.
               Oliver, Susan, 1932-1990, cast.
               Voskovec, Jiˆrí, 1905- cast.
               O'Hara, John, 1905-1970. Butterfield 8.
Other authors: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.
               Copyright Collection (Library of Congress) DLC
Source:        DLC DLC DLC amim
Control No.:   11679381

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