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Title:         Alien / A Brandywine-Ronald Shusett Production ;
                  directed by Ridley Scott ; produced by Gordon
                  Carroll, David Giler and Walter Hill ; screenplay by
                  Dan O'Bannon.
Published:     United States : Twentieth Century-Fox Film
                  Corporation, 1979 ; United States : 20th Century Fox
                  Video, [1979]
Description:   2 videodiscs of 2 (laser) (116 min.) : sd., col. ; 12
                  in. viewing copy.
               2 videodiscs of 2 (laser) (116 min.) : sd., col. ; 12
                  in. viewing copy, copy 2.
               14 film reels of 14, (116 min., 10,479 ft.) : sd.,
                  col, ; 35 mm. viewing print.
LC Call No.:   DAA 0334 (viewing copy)
               DAA 0335 (viewing copy, copy 2)
               FGD 6090-6096 (viewing print)
Notes:         Copyright: On all portions of motion picture except
                  original music on soundtrack; Twentieth Century-Fox
                  Film Corporation; DCR 1979; PUB 11May79; REG
                  11Jun79; PA38-135. (for U.S. rel.)
               LC has U.S. release copies.
               Original story, Dan O'Bannon, Ronald Shusett ;
                  photography, Derek Vanlint ; editor, Terry Rawlings
                  ; music,
               Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver, Veronica Cartwright.
               Release date for original: 1979.
               Reference source used: videodisc jacket.
               Received: 7-8-83; viewing copies 1 and 2; purchase,
                  purchase order no. 0124186; LC Purchase Collection.
Subjects:      Science fiction. mim
               Monster films and programs. mim
               Videodiscs. gmgpc
Other authors: LC Purchase Collection (Library of Congress) DLC
Source:        DLC DLC DLC amim
Control No.:   11592057

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