Staff from many offices of the Library of Congress assisted with the development of the online presentation of the Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii Collection released in 2001. The strong support from Diane Kresh, Director of Public Service Collections and Winston Tabb, Associate Librarian for Library Services, is much appreciated.

Photographic historian Mary Jane Appel wrote the framework elements and coordinated the processing and preliminary cataloging work. Russian historian Svetlana Garanina provided valuable information about Prokudin-Gorskii and his work.

European Division specialists Harold M. Leich and Ihor Gawdiak, and Chief John Van Oudenaren provided research information and assisted with translations.

Social Sciences Division catalogers Jurij Dobczansky, Yelena Margolina, and Robert C. Morgan transliterated the hand-written Cyrillic captions and verified translations and names for the catalog records.

Staff from the Prints and Photographs Division include:

Helena Zinkham, Head of the Technical Services Section, who coordinated the development of the site as project leader, and Sarah Rouse, Head of Technical Services Team II, who coordinated the processing and cataloging. Debra McKern, Acting Chief, guided the budget process.

Jeanne Korda and Tracy Meehleib, Catalogers, who indexed the photographs by subject and place and amplified the title information.

Phil Michel and Timberly Wuester, Digital Conversion Specialists, who coordinated the image digitization and devised the album-to-negative navigation links.

Peggy Gardner and Emily Mackinnon, Technicians, who re-housed the negatives, matched negatives to prints, and compiled preliminary cataloging records.

DeAnna Evans, Cataloger, and Cathy Hoban, Automated Operations Coordinator, who provided expertise for automating the catalog records in the MARC format.

Harry Katz, Head of the Curatorial Section, and Verna Curtis, Photograph Curator, who selected images for color rendering and advised on the framework elements.

Mary Ison, Head of the Reference Section, and Barbara Natanson, Automation Reference Specialist, who prepared the photoduplication service and rights statements.

The digital color rendering was proposed and implemented by Lynn Brooks, with support from Herbert S. Becker, Director, Information Technology Services, and Judy Stork, Deputy Director. Walter Frankhauser, of WalterStudio, created the digital color renderings.

Mary Ambrosio and Dave Woodward, of Information Technology Services, programmed the indexing and display of the photographs.

National Digital Library Program staff who contributed to the project include Andrea Dillon, who created the graphic design and HTML coding for the collection's online framing materials; Deborah Thomas, who guided the integration with Meeting of Frontiers; Jan Lancaster, who compiled information on the digital color rendering process; Gene E. Roberts, who scanned the maps; Melissa Smith Levine, who evaluated rights issues; Jurretta Jordan Heckscher and Emily Lind Baker, who edited the framing texts.

Preventive Conservation Division photographic conservator Andrew Robb designed a new housing for broken negatives and repaired some negatives; book conservator Maria Nugent stabilized the albums and created custom boxes; photo conservator Barbara Lemmen readhered and mended many of the prints; intern Martin Salazar helped house the negatives.

The staff of JJT, Inc. created the digital images of the glass negatives and albums.

Library of Congress
( August 13, 2004 )