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Organization Chart

Office of the Director

Manages the National Library Service; forms policy and plans programs; coordinates Materials Development Division and Network Division; plans and implements automation activities; coordinates research and development projects; coordinates digital activities.

Administrative Section
Coordinates personnel transactions; maintains travel, training, and other official records; handles fiscal and contractual activities; coordinates building maintenance.
Publications and Media Section
Plans and publishes program publications for users, librarians, and general public; coordinates national exhibit programs; develops mass-media public service materials and conducts a national public education program.

Materials Development Division

Manages activities related to research selection, production, bibliographic description, and distribution of braille and recorded reading materials and development, evaluation, testing production, and distribution of equipment; coordinates equipment repair; maintains liaison with publishers, contractors, and volunteers.

Collection Development Section
Selects reading materials to be produced in appropriate media; acquires print books; requests copyright clearance; prepares annotations; conducts advisory committees; develops foreign-language and other special collection programs.
Bibliographic Control Section
Handles bibliographic processing, maintenance, and control; establishes national cataloging standards; coordinates union catalog activities and computer-produced catalog and related products.
Production Control Section
Controls and monitors production and distribution of reading materials on audio cassettes and in braille.
Recording Studio Unit
Determines narration requirements; provides guidance to manufacturers and volunteers; schedules and records materials.
Braille Development Section
Develops specifications for all braille products; advises on braille research and development projects; prepares guides and teaching manuals on all codes of braille; trains, recommends certification, and advises volunteers and others who produce braille.
Engineering Section
Develops specifications and monitors production of audio products and processes generated by the Materials Development Division.
Quality Assurance Section
Assures quality and performance of all products in conformance with established standards and specifications.

Network Division

Manages activities related to network development, guidance, and monitoring of service to users in accordance with established standards; determines user eligibility; maintains liaison with libraries, related agencies, volunteers, consumers, and the general public; monitors multistate center operations.

Consumer Relations Officer
Ensures regular consumer input in NLS program from individual users and consumer groups; disseminates information about user inquiries.
Inventory Management Section
Controls national inventory of program materials; coordinates all shipping and receiving activities for NLS; maintains and circulates NLS book collections; coordinates excess and redistribution programs.
Music Section
Develops, maintains, circulates, and promotes use of national large-print, recorded, and braille music collection; provides music reference services; develops and distributes instructional materials.
Network Services Section
Coordinates a variety of national network activities, including consultation with network libraries on their programs; directs network interlibrary loan program; compiles and prepares bibliographies; handles international interlibrary loan service and direct service to U.S. citizens living abroad.
Reference Section
Maintains print reference collection and provides information services on the NLS program and on handicapping conditions to staff, network agencies, and the public; issues reference circulars; maintains archives of NLS print publications. Provides consultant services on volunteer programs in network libraries.

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Posted on 2006-02-24