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About NLS Narrators

One Program, Many Studios

Primarily, the NLS audio book program contracts for book production. In addition to the studios operated by contracting companies, the NLS audio book program includes a few titles each year from an NLS professional studio. Keeping involved in the process of producing audio books helps us keep abreast of technique and technology.

It is common that persons who narrate NLS audio books also pursue other activities using their voice. Many narrators are professional actors, for instance.

For Some, Personal Information Is Private

NLS has invited current contracting companies to provide information about narrators on the company's Web site. When looking for information on a company's web site you may find that there is nothing about one or another narrator. Recognizing that some who narrate may not wish to participate, we have left that decision to each narrator.

The List

  1. Find the narrator you seek. The order is alphabetical by last name.
  2. Follow the link. Each name links to the company's Web site for contractor companies.
  3. For NLS, the link is to a page about that narrator. If the name is not a link, the narrator has not provided personal information.

Atcher, Randy (APH)

Avers, Roy (APH)

Berenson, Barry (APH)

Buzzard, Madelyn (APH)

Chappell, Andy (APH)

Conn, Brian (APH)

Davidson, Randy (APH)

Dines, Carol (APH)

Fouschee, Ray (APH)

Fox, Jack (APH)

Fox, Jill (APH)

Friedlander, Mitzi (APH)

Gordon, Victoria Wei (NLS)

Hagen, Don (NLS)

Hagen, Ray (NLS)

Harpenau, Lou (APH)

Hauenstein, Richard (APH)

Hodapp, Ann (APH)

Hoover, Butch (APH)

Huntey, Bruce (APH)

Jones, Erin (APH)

Kiley, Kate (NLS)

Kramer, Michael (NLS)

Lawson, Celeste (NLS)

Lescault, John (NLS)

Major, Fred (APH)

McDermott, Patricia (APH)

McInerney, Susan (NLS)

Mendenhall, Jennifer (NLS)

Mickens-Hundley, Tracy (NLS)

Murray, Sharon (APH)

Nelson, Bruce (NLS)

Parente, Chris (APH)

Polk, John (APH)

Rappaport, Barbara (NLS)

Richardson, John (APH)

Russotto, Michael (NLS)

Sales, Terry (APH)

Schraf, Kimberly (NLS)

Stewart, Carol (APH)

Synnestvedt, Erik (NLS)

Telles, Gary (NLS)

Tipton, Gary (APH)

Volz, Alec (APH)

Wieck, Randy (APH)

Wise, MaryBeth (NLS)

Young, Chuck (NLS)

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Posted on 2007-11-29